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    Anyone know when the update for this is due to drop ?
  2. I have been away and haven't played since last summer. Jumped in and streamed the new update and... HOLY CRAP!!! You guys did what we have been asking for !! Now that I started playing I didn't want to stop. Every time I cooked something, along with making water at the same time, I got excited every single time ! I was able to cook food, make water and collect wood... all at the same time !! Congrats to the devs on this wonderful feat and THANK YOU !!
  3. I agree and understand that it is Mackenzie's POV. My point is that there is a different survival feeling from sandbox to story mode; at least after you get to the first town. I'm with you on wanting to learn certain skills on our own. That would add so much to story mode. Still very much enjoying it.
  4. For myself, the feeling of being a little let down is accurate. I'm not disappointed in what we have been given. Perhaps it's because we all had our own vision of what we would get and the end result differed from that. I love how story mode feels different from sandbox. To me it feels almost like a new game; the two (story mode and sandbox) are the same but very much different. However, I do wish it would have been a little more survival than "go and fetch it". I thought we would actually be learning more from the NPCs on how to survive rather than helping them survive. It's a minor irritation that my character can mend his clothing but is unable to make a fishing line? I still think this is a very good game with an original concept; which is what I like most about it.
  5. sounds like a bug to me then, sorry. I had similar issues and had to start all over.
  6. Have you tried to go back to the house? If so and nothing triggers it sounds like a bug.
  7. Mikeyd0577


    yup, she sure did ! I just wasn't looking; which one of us is blind again?...
  8. Mikeyd0577


    I got her trust up enough to talk about sharpening, but she never gave me one....This blind bag has been a pain in my ass !! lol. I too have not been able to come across one either in Milton..
  9. I know I entered the town a from the farmhouse side and not the bridge. When I started a new game I was able to get the cut scene and the character saying yelling out "Hello!!" and commenting on the smoke coming from the house when I entered from the bridge side on the road.
  10. I can't get her to do anything... does she talk to you at the beginning?
  11. Not a major issue and I know there is a fix but I don't remember it. On full screen mode it is bricked in on each side. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Awesome news !! Can't wait to start playing again later this week after my long break.
  13. If you can find/make these it's a must try: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/147023/christmas-red-pickles/ My grandmother used to make them and I'm going to try this next year.. Mom made them and they didn't turn out too well