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  1. I think I found a similar situation, I had quit the game to try Skyrim out (I didn’t like it) and when I can back it reloaded an auto save with Mackenzie in an area previously cleared of gas, except he was choking, had to run back out of the mine to find clear air but when I crept back the gas had gone. I assume the fresh air flow takes a while to work and has ‘turned off’ while I was in Skyrim.
  2. I had to reload my PS4 save which landed me in the generator room , when I got to the control room door it thawed and unlocked properly. I think this was pre update
  3. Yeah it’s great isn’t it, really massive change to the atmosphere. Was a bit of a surprise when I had an old fashioned loading screen door at the perimeter tower
  4. Ep4 and I legged it from a Timberwolf pack and got into one of those shopping container sized huts. I got the shock of my life when the wolf started trying to get in !!! I’ve never heard this before is it new audio or maybe I’ve never hidden from a Timberwolf inside a building before? it took a few hours to give up as well! Great stuff
  5. Sorry if I’m late to the party here, but wow isn’t it nice to have buildings with windows? I just started EP4 and the sense of space and lack of loading is really really nice!! I’m hoping the rest of the episode is similar
  6. Good luck, I just started Ep4 tonight , enjoying it and taking slow , no rush is there . Hope they sort soon
  7. Any joy yet? Before the crash how was the game on ps5? Any benefits over ps4?
  8. On my way to the dam thence the radio tower, winternute is much less stressful once you’ve had some time in the sandbox isn’t it? Move fast, eat little, use the dusk,
  9. I mean wait until “bear eats you”
  10. Answered my own question, wait until best jumps you and the summary screen shows level, which was still set to capable survivor
  11. How can I tell which difficulty is active? I started Wintermute recently again at Capable Survivor and now in episode 2 I’m wondering if it switched back to Green Survivor. The forge seemed to run indefinitely once I’d lit it for instance. Any way to tell?
  12. Can’t wait!! I’m playing again and probably left it too late I’m charging around stuffing food into Grey Mothers fridge and off to investigate the bus at the tunnel shortly
  13. Didn’t think of that! Doh maybe next time. I was totally laden down with fish barely able to move it was one last supply dump run and I never usually get that heavy. Gave me a big shock!! Headphones next time
  14. Had a great game going on, found myself in coastal highway , was about to take myself exploring into one of the caves , plenty of oil for light and even a wolf coat too. Turned volume down too far as family sharing same room as me , got hunted down by a bear and then finished off in a blizzard all because I didn’t hear him first you live and learn
  15. Lol yes ep3 carrying , but generally I had zero experience of survival games or modern game interfaces when I played before and it was really difficult to even comprehend how to do something , this time around yes I think a harder mode would be excellent:)