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  1. Ah I was thinking it sort of took care of itself like backward compatibility but with a theoretical list of possible benefits. Yeah if they need to make a specific version for it then I can see it’ll be low on the list
  2. Hi all I don’t have a ps5 but an upgraded TLD would probably go most of the way to justifying one I’ve seen varying reports about the benefits but the best I’ve seen implies the frame rate being locked at 30fps. This is still pretty good as the PS4 rate varies quite a lot. Anybody have direct experience please? (I’m assuming the ps5 black screen bugs are fixed now?)
  3. That’s strange , I was thinking this week that the FPS seemed to have gone down on ps4pro. Turning on the spot is quite jiggidy now. Maybe the recent update caused that?
  4. Really? Wow didn’t know that, I tried shooting a wolf through the already broken window in PV farmhouse porch . It made him so angry and I stood there feeing smug of course he attacked me and caused damage , maybe that is the usual clipping issue ? Bears attacking through hut door etc
  5. Heh I had similar with a deer the other day . It bled out and died up against the ML map edge and the arrow was feet away from it
  6. Interesting posts I thought up another "benefit" of the window situation: As it stands now the player cannot routinely be inside a building and shoot passing wildlife, the blinds, and the doorless huts and the PV farmhouse porch don't offer protection from a charging wolf or bear. That prevents a sniping gameplay - unless you get lucky with a critical hit from those open locations. The towers make the sniping impossible ( I assume!) Next time I play im going to see if the tower windows shatter when shot, and what happens to interior temperatures. love this game
  7. I think this is interesting yes the majority of interiors are like the tardis aren’t they compared to the area they use on the map
  8. I mean windows you can see out of. The view is very expansive so a lot is being drawn, including some excellent weather, so why don’t most other buildings have working windows? I wonder if it is the elevated view meaning no animals are drawn perhaps that helps? ( Probably asked a few times already but it’s not a great set of keywords to work with in search sorry!)
  9. Lol yeah the two day blizzards always seem to know when I’m too low on food and swing by. I also love that map too, really disappointed by coastal highway when I finally dragged everything over there
  10. Cool thanks so same games and support just different shops, great.
  11. Normally I’m playing TLD on a PS4 so I’m not new to the game but I’ve never used a laptop to play games so no idea about that .
  12. Hi there I have an m1 Mac and wonder how I play TLD on it? I’m a total laptop game newbie so don’t know the difference between steam and epic or if there even is one? Id like to use a PS4 controller with it if that matters? Thanks
  13. weird, not seen this yet, good luck and let us know how you sort it
  14. Yep so many variables, I would like to know more about ideal struggle clicking really and even that seems to be up for interpretation