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  1. Or maybe they seem more likely to attack
  2. Wow well when I finally made it back to Jeremiahs hut it was there! Doh I think I’ve read you can sleep in a snow shelter but panicking and not knowing meant I missed the way to do it
  3. Hmm ok so I can’t find bedroll I wonder if it was destroyed in a wolf or bear attack , can that happen?
  4. Things go downhill fast don’t they! I made a snow shelter but figured I still couldn’t sleep without a roll and so set off on a disastrous bid to reach nearest shelter with bed. Didn’t go well. Met first Aurora Wolf and fell through ice for first time too, generally a really bad evening! So perhaps I can sleep in a snow shelter without a bedroll after all?
  5. Thanks yeah it feels more like worthwhile training now that’s for sure. Had a couple of wolf struggles which ruined my gloves already so I am trying to find time to make some rabbit mitts . Great game really great
  6. Well, it feels like less food so far, only looted a couple of houses
  7. Yeah I just made it to grey mother and there’s much less free food hanging about in buildings , plus more wolves in town already kind of dreading that first wolf attack as my eyesight makes menus pretty slow going, I might go watch some YouTube’s as I can’t be rushing an interface for a battle with my eyes and small text
  8. Of course, I mean Green Survivor, not Pilgrim. Anyway I’ve just restarted in Capable Survivor
  9. Super new to TLD and really loving it, i can't see a stick in real life without wanting to grab it Playing Wintermute as a way to get into the mechanics of the game as ive never played a survival game before, or one that has crafting as an element. I've gotten as far as the Bear spear and am about to take it back for repair at the forge. However, I'm starting to feel that i need to go start again on Voyageur, once i got past the shock of the plane crash and the immediate canyon survival ive started to feel the embarrassment of riches lying about to eat and drink just means its too easy. I presume things are going to continue being pretty easy on Pilgrim?
  10. I think I’m a step or two behind you and feeling the same things, engrossing isn’t it
  11. I’m on a PS4 and yes I agree it can seem very fussy where a bedroll can go for instance. Are the distance from cave entrance to fire and from fire to bedroll important in terms of survival? I’ve been trying to hide everything as far from cave mouth as I can which makes things more difficult too .
  12. I think so, it doesn’t seem to be tied to an event or animal so yes thinking same
  13. Hi all super new to TLD playing wintermute first and loving it!! I’ve noticed some weird sfx with nothing to trigger it. Zip sounds, walking sfx, jangling pots and pans etc , often but not always , these happened during starvation while I’m lying on cave floor , is this hallucinations or bugs? And while out and about walking I often hear a buzz noise like a woodpecker but the wrong tone and seemingly coming from everywhere at once . like a loud rabbit thumping noise but far too fast! (using a PS4 ) cherrs!
  14. Been wanting to play TLD for ages but had to finish another game first. I’ve started on story mode and easy, and well it’s not going well I think I’ve just about worked out the aiming stones at rabbits but in meantime got myself into a right state of disrepair. Had a weird bug where I couldn’t use the can once it was on the fire stones, had to reload to fix that, and I think if I hit the PS button to return to the PS4 Home Screen the game isn’t actually paused, going to try the Options button next as there must be a way to pause it surely :) overall loving it just wish the frame rate was a bit more consistent!