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  1. I'll try to repeat the issue the next time I'm back in Milton and grab a screenshot. Wish I would have thought of it before I left the area, but I was really fed up with the local wolf population at the time and wasn't thinking. Sounds like you got a brief cross-game visit from Hermaeus Mora, minus the eyes and tentacles 😁
  2. Of all the survival tools and gear out there to be had, a knife has always been one of the top, if not one of the most important, survival tools to carry along. They come in many shapes and sizes, and a large number of cultures or countries have their own signature style or features that make them famous, like Nepalese Kukris, Scandinavian seax, and so on. Of course, every person has their preferences and what they think makes an ideal bushcraft (or general use) knife. So I'm curious, what knife or knives do you carry or prefer? Pictures would be welcome (in case someone sees something they like), and custom builds are always welcome. I love custom knives. I personally have a few. My EDC is a coyote brown Magnum folder by Boker with a grey ceracoat drop-point blade. My go-to bushcraft knife at the moment is a semi-custom Moore Maker (local I think) fixed blade with a bright yellow handle. One handle side has a logo of the company that gave it to me. That blade is wicked sharp and mirror polished. Then, for fun, I have an off-brand M9 bayonet I can hook onto my gun. It has a hole in the blade to lock into its sheath to function as a wire cutter, and has a whetstone on the reverse of the sheath for a rough sharpen. Pics below:
  3. Not a veg here, but I can understand others' aversion to killing rabbits the way it's done in game, or at all for that matter. To me, a part of the emotion around the act of harvesting an animal for any reason comes in part from how ingrained it is into your circumstances, culture, needs, etc. For me, I grew up hunting, so going out with a rifle and harvesting a deer or rabbit is just part of stocking my freezer for my family, as well as carrying on a tradition. Others haven't grown up that way, or don't have the opportunity on a regular basis, so they don't see everything involved like I do. With anything, the more frequent it is in your life, the more calloused you can get about it. While I do feel emotion around killing an animal, it doesn't affect me as much as others, and I know that the reason I do it is for a good reason, rather than simple sport or because I can. I don't think it's good to get totally calloused toward the act though, because there needs to be a respect for where you get your food, both for the animal's sake and for conservation as a whole, and hunting and foraging both have an important part to play in that. Too much hunting/foraging leads to species decline, and not enough leads to overpopulation (coyotes vs rabbits), invasive species (grass carp and kudzu vines), and other serious ethical concerns. @ManicManiac makes a good point about the current generation and where they get food. To me, "the grocery store" is not a sufficient answer. I like knowing where my food comes from, and how to get it myself if necessary. If, for instance, SHTF happened, there would most certainly be a run on supermarkets. Having the option and know-how to gather and hunt would be a life-saver and marketable skill for survival, and it's a skill I think everyone should have just in case. I think everyone getting a bit closer to how we get food and knowing the process would not only make us more responsible about it, but also help reduce irresponsible practices without each side weaponizing their point of view to score points for their "team". I for one don't fault anyone for going veg or full vegan (even if I can't understand it), as it is a luxury for many, but I have a problem with the way it's used to say I'm a bad person for hunting and sourcing my own food.
  4. Had another one, on the topic of clothing and accessories. Keep a shemagh/keffiyeh handy or in your bag whenever you can. Not only can they be a fashion piece, but they are larger than bandanas and potentially have more uses. I personally keep 4 or 5 in different colors, and I've used them as dust masks, head camouflage, face heaters, arm slings (sucks getting busted up while hunting), basic water filter, towel, rope material, a small bag, and more. They're lightweight, great for keeping the sun, dust, or cold off your face, and are a great replacement for bandanas. Any survival bag/bug-out bag/get home bag I build automatically gets at least one of these things in it, preferably in a camo or natural color.
  5. New Recipe Unlocked! Can't say I've ever seen yellow tomato soup, in-game or out. Sounds like a bug to me.
  6. I was wandering through Milton on survival last night and ducked into the post office for a look. When I tried to move behind the counter, I totally clipped through the floor and began falling. Looking up, I could see the layout of the post office as I fell, and then suddenly I was back standing where I was right before I stepped off the "ledge" without damage. Did it a few more times for science, and the same result happened each time. Fall distance wasn't too far, but I'd say I dropped a good quarter mile down before getting reset. Also, as I was moving through the transition cave between Milton and I noticed a noticeable amount of pixelation around some areas of light beams and the exit of the cave to Mystery Lake. No gameplay effects other than cosmetic, but it was something I never spotted before anywhere. Anyone else seen either of these things happen?
  7. You could possibly add a debuff for wearing thicker gloves, similar to movement debuffs on heavier clothes. What would make sense to me though is a decrease in reaction time when drawing or aiming a firearm. I know personally when I hunt, I have to use thinner gloves or fingerless gloves, because I sometimes have a hard time getting my gloved finger inside the guard to reach the trigger (unless the firearm has an enlarged finger guard). Definitely agree this would add a practical utility to the driving gloves, other than a source of materials or "it's all I could find" gear.
  8. As a mechanical watch owner, this would be cool to see in-game, but I see problems. Aside from development and implementation hurdles, the realism (and I know this game isn't aiming to be totally realistic) might be a bit screwy. For one, moisture and shock are not friendly to those watches, and snow everywhere and a plane crash would definitely mess things up in a delicate system. Gaskets to replace, broken glass could allow water and debris in, and the constant need to rewind it unless it has a pendulum like mine that auto-winds as you move your wrist. On top of that, with the game's aurora phenomenon and electricity acting up, I'd imagine magnetism from many sources would affect the accuracy (not exactly into all the sciency bits here, but I'm making a guess, and assuming the aurora has anything whatsoever to do with magnetism). As much as I'd love the convenience of a mechanical watch like I do IRL, I doubt it would ever make an appearance in-game, sadly.
  9. Love the creepy vibe this shot gives off. Also feel like there's something important stashed in that box that the game wants me to grab...
  10. Maybe the aurora does more than just power up the electricity........
  11. 1. 2. Martin 3. 4. Anika Longmire 5. Nuka Cola bottlecaps...? 6. 7. 8. Father McGill 9. 10. LL Kramer? Hard to read the name sometimes. 11. Robert Clarke? 12. Tuesday? 13. 14. 1960s 15. Better Food Vendors 16. September 2012 17. Mostly guesses. Nice little quiz here.
  12. Well, you know what they say. Home is where you hang your guts...I think I heard that somewhere...maybe...
  13. Hey, with this heat we've been having all over the country lately, I think we'll all take a bit of TLD immersion for a bit to cool off!
  14. Old thread, but still relevant, so I'll add my 2 cents. Make stormproof matches by taking regular wood matches and coating the end in wax. Crayons are quite flammable and make great candles in a pinch, and great for starting fires. Doritos are also flammable. If you have a bag of them, light one on fire and use it as tinder.