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  1. Ok thanks, maybe I missed it, will check later. I was just surprised and I wasn't aware of this update.
  2. Oh I see. And these boxes will be in random locations per region? Eitherway, thanks for pointing that out.
  3. Hi there everyone, I'm back from a long break from TLD and I'm surprised that loading back into my saved game in Survival Mode that I'm missing a lot of my items. Specifically items that I've placed outside of containers such as shelves, tables, floor etc. Some of the items oddly remained but the most are just simply gone. Is anyone else experiencing this? If there's already an existing discussion about this maybe someone could link it to me?
  4. These are very fair points. I made the comment with the context of the theoretical possibility that they'd would add it in the first place and how it may have worked if it did. And going back to my first sentence, the existing huts are already plentiful and conveniently placed for us, so I have no gripe here.
  5. This. A simple trade-off. And some wounds might need an extra bandage or two instead of the usual single application. For example with blood loss: usually it only takes a single bandage but with a lower medical skill it might need at least two. Since the formula for failure with cooking or fire starting are sort of the same in that the lower the skill, the higher chance to fail. or this too ^
  6. I would like to think that fishing huts and holes are placed in their location right now for a reason: because its where fish are most guaranteed to be fished out of. Now if let's say, they do add the option to make fishing holes on ice lakes well then in a technical context, the guarantee for taking fish out of that hole would be greatly reduced so that this kind of feature can't be exploited. In which case spending calories just to make a makeshift fishing hole on a lake would likely to be something we'd resort to in an emergency situation. Now, I'm not sure how useful this emergency option would be to the gameplay value, but if balance with the difficulty is the concern here I think this could be a work around. Of course I have little to no knowlegde how the game coding for this would work but I think it could be simple trade-off to this kind of feature.
  7. The airfield would make the most sense since in Wintermute, Will and Astrid took the plane to Great Bear meaning there had to be a designated place to land somewhere. I'm +1 for this idea. To add to the post-apocalyptic theme, the area could be eerily going haywire during an aurora much like the Hydro dam, only with more radio noises (maybe coming from the intercoms) like in some horror movie. If it's going to be somehow a loot heavy area, it should be teeming with wolves to give players a challenge navigating the place.
  8. I also realized that the game counts the initial curing of hide as "Day 1" where as I used "Day 0" in mine (only counting it as 1 day after 24 hours). So technically, in game standars it is 5 days (but not exactly, there's a delay) while with my time keeping, it is 4 days, yes ^_^
  9. Wish they could let us craft tarps. Oh well. *plugs hole with bear hide*
  10. They're there right now because I had just finished looting the cargo plane at the time I took the screenshot. From TWM I'm going to have to distribute these to the Riken/FM respectively since I'll be needing to craft arrow heads soon anyway. Same with the hacksaws.
  11. Just wanted to share some screenshots of my newly setup Mountaineer's Hut. I feel like I'll be staying here a while so I might as well prep up my base for some long term use. I'd like to think myself a semi-hoarder, semi-minimalist who like to modestly decorate my bases with the absolute essentials. I have some kind of detachment when it comes to consumables like soda and meat so I usually keep that in my person. I'm usually out exploring anyway so I'll be needing those spare consumables. I'm thinking of stocking up water (by the liter) soon though. Going for the modest setup here. Saved the shelf for placing some materials for crafting later. Notice how I left the coffee grounds and Herbal tea there which I'll mainly use when it's time to craft (and get good sleep later). Basic essentials. Accumulated a whole lot of Rosehips and Reishi so I prepared all of them and just piled them up on my work table for easy grabs. I have Bow and Arrows stored inside the worktable and need to be forging arrowheads soon. Not really needing the two beds so I used one for placing all my very modest amount of ammunition. The first aid kit box below the beds holds all my Firs-aid needs, most of them looted from the cargo plane. I usually place the guts in this corner next to my storage filled with fire-starting materials like matches, tinder and a whole load of Fir and Cedar wood. The floorspace is just big enough for the amount of hides I bring in after hunting day (or after an unexpected tussle).
  12. Never underestimate the use of Snow Shelters! It takes only x5 cloth, x15 sticks (which you can easily pick up around), little time and a bit of calorie consumption to Build. Snow Shelters have an amount of uses that you can take advantage of. One of the most important uses is taking cover from a snow storm. If you find yourself suddenly stuck in a snow storm and unable to find a place to safely light a campfire, the Snow Shelter is a sure way to keep warm. Even when not caught in a blizzard, the Snow Shelter can provide temporary cover if you find youself needing to rest but there are no nearby houses or caves. Overtime, the Snow Shelter's condition deteriorates. But this shouldn't be a problem because you can actually restore its condition by selecting the option to Repair it (this requires a few sticks to repair and the amount depends on the shelter's condition). Once inside, you can still engage in activities like read books, sharpen tools, repair clothes and even shoot wildlife from it! But beware, while it protects you from the cold, you are still vulrenable from wildlife attacks, so avoid building one in bear paths for example. It is suggested to light a campfire (if not in the middle of a blizzard) to at least fend off incoming wolves. but generally you will want to build it in a safe spot so you don't have much to worry. One doesn't need a bedroll when using a shelter but using one gives warmth bonus. To check how much sticks you have look for the icon in your inventory and the icon to check your amount of cloth. The Snow Shelter can be built from the radial menu by selecting and clicking the shelter. Dismantling it gives you back only x2 cloth and x10 sticks, so use your materials wisely!
  13. One of my memorable moments playing the game. Was able to reach the summit for the first time. I got there just in time to catch this spectacular view! Just soaked it all in the entire night before I looted the cargo plane in the morning.
  14. Not quite all of them though, got myself stuck in one just a few days ago. It was quite a drop too. If I sprained myself then, my game would have been lost for good.

    - Day 249, Tail Section (Voyageur)



    Finally reaching the mountain's peak just in time for the night lights. The motherload, all for the taking under the breathtaking aurora - it was well worth the effort!