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  1. Oh yeah sorry @piddy3825 I misspoke. Yes I found all the coal in the garage, I meant to say I didn't find any in the caves in BR for 28d I had been playing. I was able to get a forging session going for a day or so to make what I needed with the coal in the garage. I like to use some fir wood to also get the temp up and save on coal as well. Although, I have never been able to get it to 150 with 4 coal that is pretty impressive, @UpUpAway95.
  2. XaldinVii


    I start random but then eventually fall into the same areas and this is mainly for the reason you stated below @hozz1235 After so many runs it easy to forget what you have and haven't looted so being able to go, okay the ML lookout tower is looted so that means everything minus the Dam is at least looted.
  3. I recently started a game in BR and had the same problem. I am on day 28 and still haven't found coal in BR.
  4. No reply from support yet. But I went hunting all the wolves in BR to test out the decoys I killed 5 wolves and tested the decoys 10 times. This test was done all 10 times when the wolf was on my trail. I did two tests per wolf one in sight and one out of sight while dropping the decoy with a tree or hill in the way. Every time the decoy was in the line of sight it went for it. Every time I dropped it out of its line of sight it ignored it even walking over one again. I did not test distance tho, as I wanted to keep the dropping of the decoys at relatively the same distance which was fairly close but still outside of the range that they charge you.
  5. This also happened to me on a new game I just started in BR. I looted the entire region, including the Garage. I went to FM and then ML and came back to BR after about 4 days, entered the Garage and near the back door face down was a unlooted dead guy.
  6. That might be the case, as now that I am thinking about the three encounters; The third were the decoy worked was the closest I had been to the wolves when I dropped the decoy.
  7. You could always just have the gloves automatically come off your hands when you take out the gun and are carrying it around and then put it away and they automatically are placed back on. This would also allow the driving gloves to have some use outside of early game were you don't use them once you find better ones. I would like this and also being able to see the gloves you are wearing as well.
  8. I did a stalker base, and just made the weather the worst it can be, reduced wolf population, and increased the Aurora because who doesn't want to see more Auroras. Went back to where I was jumped in the forest between the Lodge and the Garage, and the wolf ignored the bait again. Then later I was on the small pond, a more open area, in front of the BR Lodge and dropped a decoy and it work. Now it could all just be chance that is confirming what I am expecting, but I will try to do some more test to confirm. Also I have submitted a bug report so we will see what they say. I will post here with the response I get.
  9. Yeah, that what I was trying to figure out, if it was a bug or not. I will report it then. Thanks @rancid0!
  10. I could see that for the first encounter, it was next to the BR Lodge in between the fence and by the cars. The second one was on the other side of the BR pond among the trees, which I find hard to see it happening there but I guess the trees and rocks could of done it.
  11. So I recently started a new custom game spawning in BR and choosing to stay there for the wolf gauntlet challenge. That being said there has been two occasions where I used a decoy and the wolf completely ignored it. The later being last night when the wolf walked right over it, it was a piece of raw meat even! This nearly cost me the play thru as I was being cornered by two wolfs and was trying to distract one and escape. Needless to say he ignored the meat and got me and I just barely managed to skirt around the other and avoid another attack while bleeding. So I am wondering did something change? Is this intended? Has anyone else experienced this? I have placed decoys on the ground before and they always went for it, even when the wolves started to track me.
  12. You got in a struggle with one wolf and it died and you took everything so the body despawned. Then another wolf came along in the same spot.
  13. It did, after the few moments of shock expired. I mean I knew it could happen just never happen before for me. It was indeed a great feeling!
  14. My luckiest kill had to be last night. I started a new custom game with weather turned up all the way and loot levels low. I started off in BR and made my way up to the Hunting Lodge where I found a body with a Bow and 1 arrow. I had decided to hunt a bear a few days later before I went to ML and MT on a looting run and wanted the pelt to cure while I as away. With my one arrow and made my way to the bear, I spotted out on the lake between the Lodge and the Garage. I baited him to the hunter's blind with rocks just as the weather started to pick up into a snow storm. I pulled my bow string back and let loose and arrow to receive a critical hit, bear just drops in one shot. By the time I was done harvesting the pelt there was a full blizzard starting so the timing was perfect and made it back to the lodge just before Hypo set in.
  15. XaldinVii

    Salt & Jerky

    I was surprised to find out earlier this year about salt licks. Natural deposits of salt and other materials that animals and early humans would come and consume. Maybe there can be some of these deposits littered around the map to gather salt from. They could also be places where animal gather to do the same or even predators to hunt, making it more challenging to gather the salt.