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  1. Well of course there's no "need" for it, it's just a bonus little mini-game you could do when bored. A new player that accidentally discovers it during normal game play would be impressed and think it was cool that the developers put something extra like that in and wonder what other surprises there might be. There are countless needless little extras in games like RDR2 which are there to add to the experience. The stone age sniper achievement is also needless but I have still spent hours trying to get it!
  2. Would be cool if we could gain archery skill for using the target behind the Pleasant Valley barn. You would have to be a certain distance away and hit the bullseye and maybe get like 50% of the skill you would normally get for a wildlife hit. Then outer rings would give a percentage less as it expands out. Would be a nice little quality of life extra for TLD. I already do this now when bored, I have a line of sticks I have to stand behind when shooting!
  3. I can still play Winter's Embrace on XB1. Will we be able to keep playing these sessions? I just returned to the game when this event started after over a year and this is now my best sandbox lol! I like how it's more challenging than voyager as far as the weather but not like stalker where it seemed half the deer spawns were change to wolves.
  4. Just came back to Long Dark after about a two year break, spent forever last night trying to hang up the rifle in Trapper's Cabin in Mystery Lake and it's not working there anymore either. Was wondering if I was doing something wrong. Rifle wasn't "snapping" to the rack and appeared to be going outside the wall. Negative immersion points! :-(
  5. My XB1 crashes only happened in Milton. Since I started Episode 2 everything has been fine. On my way back to finish the 2nd quest so it's still early though.
  6. Been happening to me on XB1. Can play for 30 mins to an hour or so but eventually it will crash to the xbox home screen usually when exiting a building but it did happen one time when I was entering one. Started happening when I first got to Milton and started going in and out of buildings a lot.
  7. It was as much hilarious to me as it was horrifying to you. Glad I can laugh at stuff like that instead of getting mad. That first walk to Milton is pretty challenging for a brand new player especially since the timing of it seems to end up being at night with wolves to avoid. I made it without dying or getting attacked only because of months of survival mode training!
  8. Well it didn't happen. It's 11:45 and I've been watching someone on PC stream story mode for about 30 mins now. Still no update on xb1. The only question is will it be hours or days..... Dont underestimate the Microsoft bureaucracy!
  9. I agree! I spent $19.99 on this game 18 months ago and have gotten hundreds of hours of fun open world sandbox enjoyment out of it. This game ranks in my top 5 with other games like Skyrim, and GTA5 as far as time spent playing. On the other hand there are plenty of other $60 AAA title games that I bought and played for less than a day and quit because they sucked! I have more than gotten my money's worth for this game as it is now. I'm also mindful that story mode is not likely to provide the same hundreds of hours of play like the sandbox has. I might not be able to quit play
  10. I'm anticipating the release for XB1 will be delayed for a day or two as has happened in past sandbox updates thanks to the Microsoft bureaucracy taking its time to get things updated. Unless the story mode has already been included in the last update and is just "locked" until Aug 1st? Anybody know if there will be a update to download?
  11. Packet802


    It's not so unique if you have played Skyrim which is what I thought this thread was about since I have avoided the forums and all possible story mode spoilers lol! Guess I have to adapt to a new Astrid now!
  12. Will XB1 achievements be coming with story mode? Seriously guys, you're missing out on free exposure! When we get achievements it gets shared to our activity thread which all our friends see. I got about 100 friends - only really know 3 of them, lol!! But anyway they would all have a chance to see achievements which may lead them to investigate the game.
  13. I was afraid to go to sleep cause my condition was dropping. But it was my mistake anyway since I took antibiotics as I was walking towards the farmhouse. When I got inside it appeared that the infection was still untreated so I took more antibiotics which started telling me that it wasn't having any effect. I finally did try to sleep for 2 hours and noticed the counter dropped to 8 hours rest needed. I also didn't notice the little check mark on the afflictions display that turns on when you take antibiotics. I thought there was something a little more noticeable before. It has been a while
  14. Well think of it this way - the deer should have fallen through the weak ice and been lost anyway along with your arrow. Which brings me back to one of my original issues - why do deer, rabbits and wolves go out on the ice? Especially deer and rabbits. There's no food for them there so they wouldn't go there. Maybe a wolf might but it would be rare. They would hunt in areas where the food is. That's always been an immersion breaker for me.