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  1. And I'm sorry to everyone for my English, I'm not fluent and I'm using Google Translate. I wanted to share this case to alert everyone and, who knows, as I suggested above, that the developers mitigate this Aurora issue while we are inside the coal mine with an elevator.
  2. "Killed" was just an irony, I didn't die, I just died of boredom. I already gave up, I had 180 days to survive. I chose to start a new journey, this situation was really frustrating and boring. I think they could program the game to appear Aurora more often while we are inside the mine.
  3. I knew I needed Aurora to enter the mine, I was prepared, I had about 6 kg of meat, pot and firearms, firewood, sleeping bag ... everything. The problem is not this, but the random time for the appearance of Aurora again. I still have wood and boiling water to drink as the days go by. It was not a planning error.
  4. Yes, I have been in the mine for so many days, that I have been in the cabin flu a few days
  5. have a light source, but I wasn't using it at the moment, as I was just standing around waiting for the day to pass.
  6. there was coffee, yes, but it has already run out due to the amount of days I am in prison.
  7. It's been four days waiting for a new Aurora to get out of the abandoned Coastal Highway mine. Nearly 200 days of survival to lose all progress for this "randomness"