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  1. I've currently parked my character in Quonset on day 10 of my run. Snuck into town on 20% health crouching holding a torch surrounded by three wolves while I'm exhausted about to freeze and starve at the same time. As Im sneaking in and listening for the paw pads my wife turned on our really loud microwave right next to me and I couldn't hear anything. Had to turn it off till I got safely in the door. Never been so tense in this game before. Never been so slow and patient trying to get into Quonset. Not certain it was worth it but I did go to the Riken and forge arrowheads, knife and hatchet. Picked up 1 stim at the lighthouse. Decided to apply it now and get my guy up to 35%. About where he was at 5 days prior. If I could find some warm clothes I'd be thrilled. Currently only on about 8C warmth bonus.
  2. I had a go at this today and man I gotta say it's quite the experience. I feel like I've been on edge all day. First run made it to about 40 hours old before dying in his bedroll in the lake overlook cave. I tried to let him go peacefully in his sleep because I stumbled in there on about 8% condition freezing and starving and dehydrated looking for my first match only to find a firestriker there. By the time I got a fire lit and water boiled as my guy threatened to step into the fire with the death wobbles I was sitting on 4% and even if I managed to peg a rabbit with a rock I figured Mr Stumbles wasn't going to get anywhere near a stim any time soon so I let him fade into the long dark peacefully. official COD - starvation My 2nd attempt is going a lot better but in the long run probably won't amount to much. I spawned in the dead of night with low visibility and within 30 seconds was being chased by a wolf, finally figured out I spawned in the clearcut at mystery lake then had to dodge a bear and another wolf before I found anywhere warm. My guy is currently parked in Rabbit Grove a few hours short of 6 days survived on 38%. Spent the first few days with only very basic clothes freezing to death looking for matches and a bedroll. Got them both now, the hatchet, hammer(which I stupidly left in the dam to save weight on a failed attempt at the ravine (no rope to be found) and a wool toque that resisted all attempts to repair it for 2 days straight before finally letting me fix it. Current temp bonus is around a paltry 5-6 degrees C I think. I'm enjoying trying this but you don't really get a seconds mental rest, I feel almost as exhausted as my poor character
  3. also, without getting into a big cabin fever discussion, perhaps more engaging indoor activities like reading, cooking (prepared dishes like stew, soup) could negate cabin fever or at least slow the rate of risk accrual during those activities. If I was in a survival situation I imagine a hearty stew would be a pretty big morale boost compared to a charred piece of venison. Maybe also stews etc could negate the intestinal parasites from carnivores - downside it's slow cooking so you need a lot of fuel and it takes ages.
  4. In theory under survival situations you are generally better off making a soup or stew than cooking over an open flame or on a pan etc. That way all the nutrients and fats etc cook into the broth rather than being lost sizzling into the fire or seeping into a rock. Also you can extract calories from more marginal bits of the animal.
  5. So I've been playing the vigilant flame update running around Hushed River Valley in custom game modes and voyager difficulty to learn the region. I think it's an awesome map, love the twists and turns, the verticality and cave systems -even fluffy in the cave on voyager which scared the crap out of me. (BTW is fluffy responsible for all the ravaged wolf carcasses) Exploring it has been a lot of fun. The question I have though is once the novelty of the place wears off what is the long term lure of HRV? It's a challenging place with no crafting. I've found good resources on the lower difficulty including a moose hide bag and improvised tools here so is that the draw card at higher difficulties like interloper i.e. one of the only places to find forged gear you don't have to make yourself? Or is there just good looting here in general on interloper?
  6. I've been thinking about this lately. I came to TLD late compared to most and found it mid 2017 through my real life interest in primitive survival and bushcraft (+ background as a game artist and vfx artist) I've been playing it a lot during xmas holidays and have finally got a somewhat successful interloper run going (just over 60 days so far) so had started to think about my wish list of stuff which tbh is probably more linked to my primtive survival interests but would also apeal to my gameplay style. For me I would really like more broad crafting options that would fit in to the idea of inventive desperation of survival. Don't have a hat - wrap a towel around your head. Dont have a knife - use a shard of metal from a tin can. Need an axe - smash some rocks together. All poor tools that take ages to use and ruin quickly but get you out of a bind. At the moment there's some very prescribed gameplay mechanics that bottleneck pathways to success. Ive seen people argue that without this narrowness the game would cease to be challenging and ruin the intent of the game. For me though I think more broad competing tactics and different survival styles would make for a more interesting and deep game. @Mroz4k I love the idea of crafting a flint and steel set. I'd introduce rare horse hoof fungus as a tinder you'd need to make that work. I like the friction fire technique and have seen ppl get that going in cold snowy climates. I get that ppl think having it might make it too easy so can see the benefit of leaving it out in favor of a forgeable solution. In general i disagree with forcing players have to go to the forge to make arrowheads, axes and knives (but only because I think there should be some very basic and inferior craftable options for these - such as improvised tools from scrap or stone or deer antler or bone etc) having a forgeable firemaking solution as the ultimate lure to the forge is an idea I really like for some reason.
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    The Knife

    somehow I ended up with 2 knives from Jeremiah (assuming its a bug) I got high trust early on and he gave it to me and then I noticed I had a duplicate later after finishing his storyline so I left one behind. I never found another one before that so I was stuck with the metal shard for ages.
  8. I got mauled each of the 5 times (6th time he dies as soon as you shoot him) I really couldn't get a handle on how you were supposed to cause him to run off. He was directly out the cabin door as soon as I stepped out and I still got a shot in but he mauled me. I popped inside to bandage myself then came back out as he was walking off, he charged, I shot him and he still mauled me. Then took him on at the creek, near the camp office and near the logging huts. Each time no matter how I shot him, crouched, standing, too close, too far, nothing would make him run off. I lost 5 toques, 2 sets of boots, about 4 trousers and two sets of mittens to him. I really think it was bugged out for me, definitely felt like pretty unfair game mechanics. I know I hit him each time, saw the blood spray and could follow his blood trail after but nothing I did would scare him off. I watched some other videos of people taking him on and they were getting anything and every shot would cause him to scarper so I've got no idea what I could have done differently. I was also cursing Jeremiahs advice, which is what I was trying to follow. I swear he was just trying to get me killed so he could feast on my corpse after. Jeremiah was also a little full of crap regarding the dam as well. I tried racing through, made a few silly mistakes, got very injured and used all my stims to make it to the end in one piece. I know now I shouldn't have bothered. Tho I was trying to never die at all during the game and managed to succeed just. Enjoyed the game otherwise tho.
  9. I kinda had a different bug - I chose the keep the ammo option not understanding that it was letting me steal it, but hit escape directly afterwards which seemed to stop the interaction. I spoke to him again and chose to give him everything and did not get any extra ammo as far as a could see. Then when I check back on him tomorrow he's dead and blamed me for taking the ammo even though I didn't get any. The quest marker stays active even though all the the quest points were ticked.