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  1. Does anyone have a good loop form the escape the darkwalker ambience sounds/music? It's honestly one of the spookiest ambiences I've heard in a game and I want it for halloween lmao.
  2. I know it's probably unintentional. But it's pretty easy to smuggle items into the final scene of Episode 4 by leaving them near the crafting bench in Black Rock. I easily took my fancy clothes, bow, rifle, and revolver with me. Sadly this has no impact on the ending which is a little disappointing though understandable. But it did leave me reminding myself that Mackenzie literally has two guns on him during the fight with Mathis. He could have just given Jace one of them and they could have both shot the whole gang dead and ended all the conflict right there.
  3. Too bad Hinterland still insists on punshing us for playing custom difficulties by not letting you unlock feats I'd like to remind everyone that making the game easier than pilgrim is actually pretty hard. Like, you really can't use it to cheese feats. Hell, it's probably easier to use feats to make the game HARDER than interloper. So there is literally no good reason for locking feat progression in custom mode except gatekeeping.
  4. @Leeanda What's the point of the wishlist forum if we can't use it to wish for stuff?
  5. The point of rdr 2 is not really the open world but the AAA "cinematic experience." The open world of rdr 2 adds very little to the overall gameplay experience and feels more like some kind of requirement on a checklist that Rockstar includes in their game. The Long Dark has an open world for actual gameplay reasons. It's essential to the non-scripted survival driven gameplay of survival mode. Adding late game features would add to that. I'm not asking for infinite content. I'm asking for new content that is geared towards the later portions of survival mode.
  6. I do not mean to be rude. But some cloudy romantic concept of the late game being "Survive long enough so that your reach the open end of a long book that has no particular story" (A.K.A. reaching a point where you're fine with quitting) is not late game. Actual mechanics and gameplay are. Entertaining this idea seems absurd. It would mean that anything and everything is late game. Get mauled by a bear but didn't die? Just quit playing on that save and call it the late game. It's something that wouldn't fly if said by any video game developer. Imagine if the next Elder Scrolls game had no c
  7. I do kind off think other survivors go against the spirit of survival mode with absolute isolation being one of the atmospheric elements that many really enjoy. I'm not entirely sure if making the player experience the early to mid game agains is the best way to go about things. My preference still lies at late game challenges that shake the game up a bit. And I personally think more late game regions with special loot would be the least invasive way of adding late game. Ideally these regions would be ultra hard. Way harder than what is already in the game. That or my projects idea t
  8. I was thinking of a massive icesheet at the very north of the island made entirely out of ocean ice. Just a huge flat, almost featureless surface of thick ice with maybe one or two stranded boats. There could be an occasional natural fishing spot (or maybe it could come with an update that finally lets us break the ice to fish anywhere). The player would have to find the occasional outcropping to hide from the wind and regularly build snow shelters. There would be very little firewood. Why go there at all? Polar bears. It’d be the only region with the extremely rare polar bear. Pol
  9. I very much disagree. The Long Dark has some flaws, but being unfair to new players isn't one of them. The game recommends certain starting regions which are intentionally designed to be easy to navigate and rich in resources. Mystery lake is a good example with its well spread out loot, near omnipresent landmarks and easily navigable terrain. If played on voyager the play will most likely stack up enough resources just exploring the region. Eventually they will want to explore other regions, either because they need resources from other regions or because they feel comfortable doing so. Event
  10. @Megaloceros Many people on forums get incredibly defensive for the game in question. And sure, it's ok to defend something you like, but even the things we like have flaws. The developers at Hinterland sometimes make mistakes. They're humans too. They might not have thought of something, or they might simply want our input. Hell, this entire Wishlist subforum wouldn't exist if they didn't believe our input to the valuable. Basically people on forums need to chill. Snowflakes being realistically black at night won't ruin the game for anyone, but will drastically improve it fo
  11. @odizzido That user has been consistently rude and seems to have it out for me. I have over 200 hours in this game and know how to navigate in every part of the map. I can even navigate the cabin in mystery lake, both building broken railroad and many other indoors locations in complete darkness using only contextual cues from window lights. My problem with snowfall at night is exactly that it's disorienting for the wrong reasons, as well as being uncomfortable to look at.
  12. Are you sure about that? Not everything that ends up in a game or any piece of media is fully thought out and intentionally. It could very well be that the developers never thought about this too deeply, or never heard or anyone experiencing this problem before.
  13. @ManicManiac Thanks for the effort. I really appreciate it. My opinion remains unchanged however. As of the way it is implemented in the game right now the snow just seems to glow much too bright for it to be realistic. That combined with accibility problems and the snow just looking ugly to me still has me believe that the way the snow is implemented right now needs a change.
  14. Thanks for admitting you don't actually understand what I'm saying and are completely fine with building a caricature of me for the sake of winning your argument. There are no inconsistencies. You clearly misread something. I never said anything about it being too bright with a lantern. As a matter of fact I said the opposite. I'm just going to ignore you now. Why would I bother discussing anything with someone who builds a strawman arguments and misquotes me. Oh, and that rock and bear thing. That would still happens if the snow isn't unnaturally bright. Hell, that still
  15. @Schrodingers Box Who are you quoting? Not me. I haven't said either of those things. You do know that I can scroll back up and check right? You're paraphrasing what you think I said. Not what I actually said. @ManicManiac Here I made a new screenshot for you. Comparing these should give you a better answer. I'd apperciate it if you showed me a screenshot of your findings. Edit: I'm noticing now every snow particle is the same brightness in this image. So there might be no way of truel objectively measuring this.