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  1. I'm only 23, but my grandpa is 82 and plays video games, he has over 2000 hours logged into borderlands 2, plus a few other games he plays. next time I see him I plan on telling him about TLD. keep on gaming, sir!
  2. having spent an awful lot of time in the woods in real life, I can assure you that wolves being alone is not a rarity, from what I'm aware of (please correct if I'm wrong) usually one or two wolves will leave the pack to go "scouting" if you will, while the pack stays behind to do regular ol pack stuff, then to find eachother again they use smell and howling to meet back up. once again, unsure if that's 100% its been awhile since ive done some reading up on wildlife. anyway, point being more often than not I only see a lone wolf, on a few occasions ive only HEARD packs, probably because the one saw me first and lead the pack away.
  3. and this is why I use the forums...knowledge is power
  4. or just scream "BEEP BEEP" haha!
  5. good to know! i was planning on another interloper run soon, summit certainly wont be a priority. thanks!
  6. i would like to be able to honk the horn to scare animals...just for the shts and giggles
  7. aren't they already emergency shelters? I mean they have very small warmth bonus and wind protection and a place to sleep...what more could you want from it?
  8. now that you guys mention it, since the rifle at the summit is a 100% spawn, I know interloper goodies at the summit are bare minimum, is there a rifle at the summit on interloper? id check myself but id rather ask before I go through that torture lol
  9. well I put in some work and finally finished my bear carpet. 11 bears 1 carpet post picture note- just rearranged them all and I have room for 3-4 more, expect an update
  10. as I was reading I thought "its gotta be COLD, but with so many trees, maybe wind should be minimal" you thought of just about everything. I could see myself spending a lot of time there!
  11. I truly appreciate the kind words. I don't feel like a hero, just a guy in a desperate situation...but that being said, Ill take the compliment man it was NOT easy at all, I'm a big guy and so is my dad, my dad weighs around 280lbs (127 kilos) and I had to do that arsehole of a swim with one arm! my left arm (the one I used to hold him) was sore for about a month. I would have had it checked out but once it started to get better I just figured whatever as for putting an end to my adventures? heck no! whats life without excitement and adventure! I may have almost died, but damn do I have a great story now haha! and I'm glad you are alive! almost dying is quite and experience
  12. I actually went and killed another a few minutes after this was taken, ha! almost to rifle mastery so I was wolf hunting and a friendly ol bear startled the heck outta me! yeah its the mountaineer hut! its my favorite long term survival spot if you have enough arrow heads and scrap metal...just be aware that you should dress fairly warm before sleep, I make sure I'm wearing atleast a +45F (I think that's like 7C, if youre using metric. but don't quote me) plus I don't use the beds, I use my bearbag, unless a blizzard just ended. then Ill use a bed to save the bag condition. good luck and happy trails! Ps- make the trip to the summit, its worth it just for the view
  13. had to take one from my rug to repair my sleepin bag but heres my carpet at the mountain hut
  14. amazing stories here. I actually had my closest call just a few months ago back in may. I actually bought TLD because a friend said "hey you almost died in Canada, its like you lived the long dark!" and I didn't know what he meant so he showed me, and there began my love for the game. anyway this is a long story and I have a few pictures. me and my dad are avid outdoorsman, hunting fishing and the like. I personally also go on solo bushcraft adventures (dad prefers a tent, I prefer tarps). my uncle and his friend planned a Canadian fishing trip up near Lac La Croix, using Zups canoe and outfitters, me and my dad were invited and of course we said yes. its a fairly long story so ill condense it we are dropped off at the base of two waterfalls ( guessed it, twin falls) and we unload our gear and canoes from the boat and begin our 7 day adventure into the wilderness. weather was chilly, 44F (about 6C) and the water was barely above freezing, running very high and fast from glacial run-off. my uncle and his friend (Tom) get in the water first, paddling ahead and taking a look, while me and my dad pack the rest of our gear into the canoe and get ready. they come back and tell us there is one rough spot, but past that its smooth waters. we get up to the fast spot, we just have to round the corner and we'll be fine, so my uncle gets out and tosses us a rope (to get where he was you need to pass the rough spot, being why we didn't just portage it) my dad grabbed the rope (hes in front, I'm in back) and my uncle begins to pull, we start paddling like crazy into the rapids and about 5 strokes paddle breaks...I spin it (my spare is just out of reach, good one...) and and try and paddle with the handle, Dad doesn't hear me yelling because its so loud and next thing you know, we are tipping into the river. I consider myself a very prepared person, I'm always ready for a crisis. working in healthcare will do that. I hold my breath and brace for the cold, throw my hand up and grab the canoe, "keep kicking your legs and breathe" I tell myself to retain focus. 20 seconds and dad still isn't above the water, I begin to worry...splash, there he is, facing the other direction. "TURN AROUND GRAB THE CANOE" I scream at him he turns and his eyes are bloodshot from the cold and he has a...weird...look on his face (which I now know is being in shock, at the time I didn't make the connection) and he grabs the the canoe so we are up river from the falls, in between the falls is a fairly large island, and before the one on the left (see picture) is a smaller island. I do a quick speed calculation and figure we cant get to the small one considering how fast we are moving down river, so I scream "kick the other direction!" and dad being in shock and technically unconscious (he has no recollection after hitting the water) he yells "NO NO NO NO NO" and I yell back "THE FUCK YOU MEAN "NO"?? KICK THAT WAY" *pointing at the big island* no response, just kicking the wrong direction so I say "fuck it, I guess we're going this way" miss the island by 100ft..speeding to the falls...on a complete whim and some sort of intervention, I manage to find a spot where the water is only up to my stomach (I'm 6 foot 3, 1.6meters I think) and I grab let go of the canoe and grab my dad (by this point I realize hes in shock) he isn't moving and his face is turning white I stand in this spot against the current for 20 minutes, trying to find a way off and onto the island, water is too deep and running to fast. crazy luck that I even managed to get to the spot I was standing in. at that point I see my uncle and tom on the island, screaming at me. the long story short, they threw a rope and tom dropped it because he doesn't handle pressure very well, so my only choice is to swim across the current to the shallow area...45 minutes of standing in the cold water, dad is turning blue and I'm barely feeling anything below my waist, I decided its either stay here and wait for the cold to kill my dad and make me to numb to swim, or just go for it. both ending with me probably going over the falls anyway. I'm a fighter, I choose the latter. one arm, swimming like a fuckin madman, I make it halfway before I realize with all of the weight, I'm being dragged into the current. so I tell dad "ready? were going over.." he says "hrrrglebughhh" (hes speaking nonsense by that point) I wrap my arm around his head to cushion it, and as I'm about to do the same to my own (20feet from the edge of the falls) I see a rock, instinctively I kick my foot and wedge it under. we are stuck. water is only 3ft but I'm to tired to stand up, holding my dad. I look up...uncle and tom running to grab us... fast forward 2 minutes, they are stripping my dad naked (hes blue and purple and unconscious) my uncle screams at me to go make a fire, I grab his matches and rush down to where we got dropped off (theres a firepit there) and make a fire. fast forward another half hour, dad is returning to consciousness and regaining a small amount of color. another half hour I had the other picture taken by my uncle for "memories" (I think that was my own hypothermia making me crazy) anyway, rescue story is boring, a boat came by a few hours later and brought us back to the outfitter. so if youre ever up in Lac La Croix, at Zups canoe and outfitters. ask about the 23 year old who saved his dad. apparently I'm a hero there hahaha, which I disagree, I just didn't wanna die yet! anyway, its far better told in person! I had to make the map to easier explain the story to some coworkers haha
  15. suburban living in MN, USA. i like to have my colt 1911 commander (basically a regular 1911 with a shorter barrel) i use that as my every day normal conceal carry. as for hunting- AR-15 (belongs to my pops but ive used it more often) collapsible recurve bow (25lbs-11.3kilo pull weight) i use to kill the rabbits who haunt the garden and neighborhood alike (hard to do living next to a police station-shhh don't tell) Remington 12G for goose season and i plan on buying a classic wood finish M14 once i finish getting my RN so i can actually afford it