Do Items Respawn?


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Sticks, branches and tree limbs also respawn.

You're the best! Thanks for the assist. I always think of respawning as something just...appearing. The limbs and branches falling to the ground after a storm feels so natural to me now that I hardly consider it respawning, if that makes sense.

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I also don't feel like respawning sticks etc have anything to do with weather. If I pick up all sticks outside my base and come back 24-48 hours later no matter what the weather was, there will be a new load.

And I've also never found new sticks after a blizzard if I cleaned an area out some hours before it hit.

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Really? I thought coal had 1h for 1kg, isn't that pretty bad?

Coal 1h for 0.3kg

Cedar 1h for 0.5kg

Fir 1.5h for 1kg

The only downside is that you can only use coal after 25 minutes the fire started. Tho this is not a problem since i always find 4 sticks to start the fire and this gives 28 minutes. After that i add coal.

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Glad to hear you're enjoying the game! Wildlife (deer, bears, wolves, rabbits) will be the only thing to respawn.

Hi Bethany.

Do plants ever grow back (such as cattails, mushrooms, rosehips)?


which seems kind of silly.. i mean they grew there in the first place.

coal respawns but not plants LOL

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Well it is the middle of winter. I'm unaware of any plants that grow during winter.

true but if you go by that logic why are the even alive and not dead for the season?

Cause plants don't just dry up they can survive the winter, but they are starving in a way not having leaves hurts them but doesn't kill them, plant cells have an extra organel I forgot what it was called which could fill itself with 90% water and some of it sugar and vitamins, similar like animals store fat in fat cells kind of like plant fat cells but it is very different, it runs by osmosis transferring from one cell to other where is needed, so yea plants especially trees can survive the winter, the only exception to this are agricultural plants like tomatos, potatos, leeks, onions but they have other mechanisms for survival.

the only plant that should regrow here is the reishi mushroom, since all types of mushroom regrow after 14-20 days, as long as they have food, darkness and moisture

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