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  1. I understand all that they felt a need to "rebrand," that they did rebrand, and will probably not "go back to their roots." However my comment above is just feedback for Hinterland so they know at least some of us prefer their "grass roots" style over their current "mainstream" style. It really is generic and even though it's disappointing compared to the old style it won't stop me from playing TLD But I *do* mash the ESC button to skip past all their mainstream rebranded stuff. Before I'd actually watch the whole intro video everytime.
  2. Does anyone know the title to this picture? I'm actually looking for one I've seen somewhere before online that is this picture but "zoomed out" so you can see the whole character. Also, I think the text "The Long Dark" was *not* covering the picture.
  3. Interesting post. Reminds me of one of those notebooks they used to pass around class in the second grade. So..here goes. I am from the US west coast, of German, Irish, and Mexican descent, but can't speak much Spanish: I speak fluent conversational Japanese and can read 500 (of the roughly 2100 required) kanji. When I was in the military I hated it but now I work for the military and I love it! I hate game consoles. "PC master race" and all that; the last console I owned I gave away in 2002. That being said I probably only game about one hour a day now (down f
  4. Thanks! TLD is one of the four games I have on a rotating schedule. Love that spoiled meat
  5. I thought that the ruined meat we can eat is this game's beef jerky
  6. Dear Hinterland, The old achievement icons that looked like patches were a lot better looking. The current ones look like the generic icons seen is thousands of other games. I hope my opinion doesn't hurt the feelings of your graphic artist that made them. The same goes for the generic looking fox logo that Hinterland has been using for I guess a year now. The old one looks loads better. The game itself is still great though. Thanks very much for making it!
  7. I love its resolute adherence to realism. I believe it's more realistic than any other game I've played.
  8. @Puckwayyes shaking text every time so far. Most recent help message is the one on avoiding wolves.
  9. Just started playing Wintermute yesterday. When help messages stop the game and pop up, the title of the help text message is normal, but the text of the body of the message shakes slightly. Pretty weird. Is anybody else experiencing this?
  10. I think now is a good time for me to note that since I first started playing I don't venture far from my shelter if the weather is bad. And, I always make my shelter near a location where a food is easy to come by, be it in the form of fish or rabbits. The reason that I don't go out when the weather is bad is because I always use a magnifying glass to start a fire first thing in the morning, and then always carry a torch or brand with me all day long when I explore, gather, or hunt. I always carry 10 sticks, and if I don't have 10 sticks then I pick up a few as I go about my way.
  11. Been playing Voyageur, and Voyageur only, since Nov 2015. It has not gotten harder. Actually it's gotten a bit easier since Winter 2015 Those commenting on less loot should know that when I play now it feels like I'm finding more loot than I was in winter 2015~spring 2016.
  12. Though the sound of everything I carry can admittedly be annoying at times, I think it really adds to the realism and atmosphere. I mean...when I'm out in the woods hiking in real life, I really can hear every little sound I make, so it seems like the sounds are amplified. And in game, this normally means that unless I am moving from one zone to another (e.g. really loaded down), I really am carrying as little as possible so I make less noise
  13. @Samoaya Welcome Somoaya Glad to have you here! My advice is to just feel free to comment on your game experiences, report weird things you see happen in game (might be a bug and bug reports are always helpful), and to comment on things you think may make The Long Dark an even better survival experience than it already is.
  14. @Miniwizard+1 to your max calorie count count idea, but I'd hope that it'd be realistically added: - If food is liquid form then no limit (like me on a typical night out). - If food is protein and/or fat, then add the calorie limit you suggest. Most folks I know can only eat 2 pounds of meat in one sitting before they become full. They have to wait a few hours before they "have room" for more. -Increased calorie limit for simple carbs: I know folks who eat two fairly large bowls of spaghetti (probably about a pound) before becoming full, and it has a lot more calories that meat.
  15. @cekivi @writeright1 Yup you both hit it on the head on the poor implementation of Falldown 4's power armor. The first time you find it you feel lucky but after a while you realize that power armor is given away like high school diplomas @writeright1 I gotta say that The Long Dark is the best survival game I've ever played, but think I should note that Imp's More Complex Needs (mod) for Fallout 3 comes pretty close.