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  1. I like this idea. My problem with the compass has always been i felt it went against the story of tld, but a sunstone would get around that.
  2. Probably most of the mods that are already out there just sitting waiting for the support. we had a great collection of them going until then.
  3. One of the things i really miss now that mods are being done is the qol improvements. So I'd like to see some of them added. I'm sure some modders would even help hinterland if they needed. 1. stacking and rotating objects. so much easier to organize your stash if you can do this 2. shorter reading intervals 3. break down cans for scrap metal 4. clean up ground trash, again, just made things look nicer. I like the changes in the current release , the only thing holding me back and using the last one is the mods. So i'd like to see those incorporated and remove that need
  4. I think the problem with this is that the basis of the game is that there was some sort of magnetic event that threw everything off in the first place this by theory would cause issues with giving us compases. but maybe a hud option that can be turned on in sandbox would be nice.
  5. It was my own fault for not saving the build, but since the mods out there changed QoL and made this game so much better, I hadnt been back since the changed that took them away. Now I can enjoy this game again! Thank you so much hinterland!
  6. @Raphael van Lierop, guess this is a good thread to go for when / if HL wants beta testers for official Mods LOL
  7. Seems you are the one who is uninformed its not all "cheat mods" like you seem to think. I've seen some that fix lighting issues, and before the update to sprains fixed issues with that. While I didnt use any to fix "bugs" I did use many that were quality of life mods. Stacking ability, Shorter reading intervals, the ability to break down the trash littering the poi's . Nothing that gave any type of unfair advantage. You seem to have the same view as some on here that Modding and Cheating is one in the same and that simply is not it.
  8. I'll admit, this response he had was a good one. But up until that, that is not the case, as as been echoed by many here. In any case, I've stated my opinion. Shelved this version of the game and will play again when mods are supported.
  9. I think the main frustration is that at least for the last 3 years or so it's been said its coming. Intentional or not, the HL staff seems to come off as really offended and uninterested about mods, the modding community as a whole. Sadly a lot of the people in favor of modding are not all on these forums, because I'd love to see some honest responses from those of us have no interest in the game without the mods. I'm one of them, the game is a great direction, but until modding support is in and the modders can re release the quality of life mods that a lot of us use, it will sit on the shelf. I dont think they broke modding on purpose. But since the recent changes killed the modding, I think that officially supporting it really needs to be moved up the priority list.
  10. They did, and I believe they do, but, they also said it wont be permanent. As soon as they fix what was causing the crashes the mods are going away again.
  11. I'm not going to post the link here, but if you look on reddit the directions are there on rolling back. I'd do that before that option is removed if you want to play with mods. You lose any new content from the last update on, but unless there are changes you really want thats a good way to go. TBH I do that will all my early access games. In case the take the game in a direction I dont like or break things I can still play the one I liked and keep working. I did this with 7dtd as well
  12. Well, thats certainly your right. I've seen people are already rolling back to previous version to keep playing with the unsupported mods and will just play that until the mods are made available again. Just hope you guys see the desire and maybe change your priorities a bit.
  13. Basically from what I'm seeing, this is the general feeling. Its not like this is something new? Or that this is a small number. Hinterland only recently made talking about mods ok, but if you look else where this discussion has been going on for a long time now, and it is a fairly large chunk of its player base who use and want mods. for a long time it was no, no , no, and now "its on the list" that makes it seem like they threw it on just to shut up the people who want modding. Personally, I've been playing this game since 2016 and while they finally "added it to the list" Nothing they've said or done makes it seem like they care that its important to the community. This change taking the current unsupported mods away is another way of them showing they do not care about the modding community in my opinion.
  14. Thats good. I am glad they changed that. There was a point in time when even the discussions of mods even without naming them was not ok. So i think for those of us who are not on the forums that often , that is were the confusion was.
  15. If you scroll up I posted a pic from my twitter, where they responded to me. My guess is mailbag will give same answer.
  16. It would be hard to say i would think since all projectors have different abilities and screens different. I've played on big screen tv's and had to adjust it differently for them as well. Good luck thou! I hope you find something that works
  17. Well, I also posted this on twitter, and got a response of "We'll release our own when we are ready." So, I dont expect too much movement anytime soon. I did follow up with "While I certainly hope so. We've been told on the forums since I believe as far back as 2016 that "its on the list" . You have to know how important it is to the player base. So, I'd hope you can understand why we are skeptical that that its coming or at the very least a priority" Which I guess is my whole point. We've been told it was not something they were interested in doing, and then told its on the list. But its been that way for years now. Its not that complicated as many modders have modded the game. It's simply a low priority for them, and now they've further made it so they cant be used at all and based off that response, they dont seem to care. I could be misreading it, but in my dealing with hinterland they just seem to be very dismissive of the mods and how much the ability impacts their player base. It's a very "oh well" type of attitude. For what its worth...
  18. I have to disagree with you here. I've personally had post deleted where there were no links, or instructions, just mere discussions of modding, and was told by the forum mods at the time "discussions of mods or modding " is not allowed. Their reasons given to me when I questioned why the discussion was not allowed did not have to do with tampering. They just didnt want it discussed at all. Maybe for those reasons, but to block even the discussion of it seemed excessive. They did come out later and say they'd like to add support. But like I said, I'm skeptical. I personally believe it was said to try and appease those who wanted modding, but dont think we will see it unless there is more feedback and pressure for it.
  19. I wouldnt say that. It may have been changes that were not intended to disable mods but that was a by product. I would just like to see them try to find a way to make it available again. Even though they've never been fans of modding I dont think it was a change strictly to disable them
  20. I understand its their call. I guess what I was trying to convey and maybe not well, is just that there seems to be a large percent of the player base that supports and would like to see modding available. It benefits not only the community by being able to create an experience that works for them. As you pointed out they cant by default cater to everyone's request. But it also benefits Hinterland, because some people will be more inclined to continue playing. Like I stated before I plan to keep playing, but I can also tell you my amount of time playing will definitely decline, as the mods made it much more enjoyable than the base game.
  21. First off I really loved this game. This is not one of those "I'm leaving" post, I'm for sure going to keep playing, but a post in hopes that maybe Hinterland will listen to feedback. My thoughts are being echoed on the Reddit as well. However, I understand they dont go there very much if at all these days. TLD really needs mod support. The recent update killed all mods and from post from modders its not something they can fix. The base game is great but there were just some quality of life mods that made a huge difference, shorter reading intervals, clean up trash, etc. The removal of mods takes this away, and while I said before I plan to keep playing, it really takes a lot of the enjoyment away now that mods are gone. I wont hold my breath, I know hinterland has been anti mod since the beginning. I was chastised often for evening mentioning of mods before. Even though they say they are more open to it, I tend to not be so optimistic. But there is always hope I suppose. So I hope the Devs see this. And also look online at some other comments. I'm not alone, many, many players experience has been hurt with the removal of mods.
  22. yeah i know there has never been any. thanks for the tip on the rabbits thou