Rifle in BlackRock?


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2 minutes ago, ManicManiac said:


The last time I checked, there are a few possible locations for a rifle to be found (but of course that is at the mercy of RNG).


I must have lousy luck then😁.    Even my son's run didn't have one, he had to go to twm summit ....   I just find it odd I've never had one in survival and I'm pretty sure I haven't missed anywhere.

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Just now, hozz1235 said:

A quick look at the wiki, looks like either:  a) no one has updated it, or b) none spawn there!


Thanks...  I have looked at maps and some say there's a few possible but still none for me..  seems an odd map not to have one.

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Unless some unusual weapons like shotguns showed up*, having an armory with half a dozen rifles and revolvers and a box of ammo and cleaning kit for each would be nice but limited by the carrying capacity and determination of the player character.  A nice place to go back to if your rifle and/or revolver got lost but overpowering, maybe not.  

* A shoulder fired tear gas projector (doubling as a distress flare projector) with very rudimentary sights might be an idea.  The tear gas shells would function similar to a projected noise maker with little in the way of damage inflicted and of use in fending off bear attacks like using the distress pistol.  The projector would be half the weight of a rifle and (if the devs so will it) perhaps half again or double the nominal range of the distress pistol flare.  It would be "fragile" and need more maintenance than a rifle or revolver and take more damage in a bear attack, if applicable. 

The projector is definitely more of an area weapon so of very limited value if used like it was a rifle.  

The prison would be the only known source of tear gas shells.  Maybe the Blackrock prison trucks might have a few.  

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9 minutes ago, ajb1978 said:

I have found a rifle in Blackrock

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in the prepper cache by the collapsed Mule Bridge.


I mean as a regular spawn .. I know you can get a rifle in the cache but it's not guaranteed to get the cache..

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