A little Tom Thomson aside


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Tom Thomson, for the folks that don't know, was a member of the Group of Seven, a group of Canadian painters from the early decades of the twentieth century, and one of the major inspirations for the overall look of The Long Dark... though of course if I'm wrong about this I'm happy to be corrected by Raph. At any rate, I came across a scan of one of his works today and I thought I'd share:

Northern Lights, by Tom Thomson.

From what I gather it's in the Musée des Beaux Arts in Montreal. I believe it's called "Northern Lights" and it was painted in 1916.

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whoa, why am I just now finding this outstanding thread?

@stratvox Back in my college days I dated a gal who was an art history major.  long story short, we drove up to UBC to attend a lecture there and the topic 
was about the Group of Seven and their influence in shaping Canada's artistry movement and national culture.    As I recall, Tom Thompson set the stage for the nature and wildlife genre as kinda the national cultural identity.   Most all of the pieces you've shared here were painted shortly before his death.  Death by drowning due to a canoeing accident if I remember right.  
So, yeah, it wouldn't be surprising if his work did indeed influence Raphael, it certainly influenced 4 or 5 generations of artists.  

btw, I think my favorite is "Moose at Night."

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On 5/17/2021 at 1:14 PM, stratvox said:

Should maybe add that personally I'm pretty sure that Thomson's Crossing is named after this guy.

There's also the Abandoned Harris Home, possibly named for Lawren Harris?  I'd never heard of the Go7 before this thread, thanks for sharing.  I've just seen Emily Carr's church painting, a possible influence on Thompson's Church and St Christophers?

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