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  1. Hi alla! Indeed, like @De00061 says, it now seem to work correctly again. I had to quit streaming many games (using the Unity engine) for a long while, but now I am going through the titles again using the Steam Streaming function and 5 games are now working again, including TLD. Happy times! I did not do anything but I guess the updates, perhaps both on Steam side and game-side (win10?), solved it. I will also let Steam staff know since I have a ticket with them as well. So, to the Hinterland team @Admin, thanks for investigating a hard issue that solved itself over time. I hop
  2. I have now been in contact with Steam support regarding the Remote Play issue. They are unable to help since it is such a "strange" issue and does not generate any error codes. With Win10 and Steam pushing out updates all the time, I fear this issue began with the latest win10 update. For some reason (x-box support crap?) the mouse control drivers/libraries went bad 2 weeks ago. I do not think it has to do with TLD. Or any other game. Same issue can be seen in many other games while using Remote Play. Thank you for reaching out. Hope nobody else will have this problem (I guess De000
  3. I came down a steep slope, found a railway track, followed it. The game performance was as horrible as my survival skills. It was snowing, it was dark, it was cold. I died on the tracks while seing lights in the distance... To this day, I have no idea where that was... or what game mode it was (beta I guess).
  4. I look forward to accidently lock myself up in cell block C - aaaaargh!
  5. Thank you Admin, I have now reported via zendesk. As I reported, there seem to be an issue with Steam stream in combination with Unity, especially with how radial menues are implemented. When leaving 3D to interact with menues overlaid on the 3D world it starts to break down. Alt-TAB restore it but just briefly. Exact same thing happens in Green Hell, House Flipper, Tank Mechanic Simulator just to mention a few (also Unity-based). Hope it gets resolved, really miss sitting in my comfy chair steam-streaming my favourite game. Labour of Love nominated!
  6. I once lay by a mountain creek listening to the water endlessly streaming over rocks and plunging into the valley. 3 days from any civilization. In that sound carpet I heard trains arriving at central station, I heard people cheering at the beach and I heard calls and chat at the food market. I sometimes hear similar things in a blizzard in TLD. Brain keeps playing tricks on me... even in computer games. Or is it real?
  7. I tend to forget where I left the hammer... so, yes, an extra scribble brain is useful in my case :)
  8. It is most likely an issue related to Steam Streaming (to other plattforms, i.e. my laptop). I tested TLD on my PC and it was fine in terms of mouse control. I then also tested several other games using Steam Streaming to my laptop (The Hunter CoTW, Duskers, The Room, Da Vinchi, Doorkickers 2) and there was no mouse problems to be found there. Is this then something that need to be adressed by Hinterland so that Steam Streaming works or is it solely on Steam? Thought you need to be aware (if not already).
  9. I have never ever had any issues with TLD whatsoever (since beta).Suddenly, I can not draw my bow using mouse left click.A bit later I can not open or close doors with my mouse. Not pickup stuff.If I go to options and set mouse options to something slightly less or more sensitive and return to game, it works for a while again. Then seems to bug out once again. If I repeat the process going into options the mouse come back again and bow will draw, doors will open and I can place objects as ususal.Mouse seem to work in menu until last time, when even the menues did not work.To add to this, I upd
  10. I like the idea of some kind of camera, or rather something I suggested previously; sketch tool using charcoal. Instead of a camera (or both) have the ability to make a sketch of the landscape (same/similar mechanics as mapping). The sketch can be included in the diary or notebook somehow. Or as a separate album where 255 characters are allowed to describe each sketch. We would have illustrated diaries... Example below
  11. Many thanks for your outline/setup! I will def. try it.
  12. I was looking for the exact same thing. I would like the wolves attack me at a rate of, say 10% of the encounters (if I approach them aggressively). It would introduce an uncertainty that is now non-existent with the binary options we have (on/off). Perhaps there is a combination of difficulty level, equipment (clothes) and situation that can produce this effect already? In the "decoy category" one could make use of 2 cans/pots by banging them together to scare of wildlife... Need to investigate!
  13. The long darkness... To elaborate: TLD is pure quality; game mechanics, art and audio. The mix is unprecedented.
  14. Yeah, my diary is good for keeping track on where I have stuff (inventory, safe-houses, routes etc). There is also the "single-page" notebook where I keep essential notes on what to do next and what not to do, lol. Wish Hinterland could implement a mechanic to draw sketches (from a screendump) to include in the diary. I do think I also have Mending left to level up, it should be on high 3 (skilled) now so with many more cosy indoor evenings I should be able to become Master mender! :). Just need the wood to keep the light on and the food to last. I'm on Voyager, not too hard, but for me