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  1. So again, trying to get into the workshop. I start to wonder if I really have triggered the things I need? I have the Communication report saying the Code 154 should be used down at the workshop. Is there anything else I need to go about? All good all lost fellows on Bear Island!
  2. haha, yep, it's up for half price anyday now. The cheapest bottles come with a thin coating of coal dust... 😁
  3. I got sick and tired (litterally 😄) when waiting it out close to the pier. Had my base over at the cannery cabins (fish available). I did take a trip to Forlorn around day 16-17 just to see if I could trigger the aurora coming back to the Inlet. But not so. Yes, I have the code since day one waiting. There must be something else I'm missing or a bug - or just plain unluck with the skies 😉. I sort of stopped playing survival now because I'm getting frustrated by the door with the code-lock. I think I have now 80-90 bottles of water sitting there at least 😂. Some day I'll get back into the Cannary and hopefully be able to unlock the door. Thank you all Gents & Ladies for feedback! I'll hang in there a bit more, before I move on to another area (giving up on Inlet).
  4. So, day 26 and still no aurora... Will I ever get into the pier workshop? This is really taking too long and I'm slowly dying... anyone, give me a hand :)
  5. Ok, so now I'm on my 18th night at the Bleak Inlet waiting for the aurora so that I can access the workshop at the Pier. This is taking some time and effort, indeed...
  6. Thanks hozz1235 for tip! I think I have not tinkered with the setting (using a default), but might as well try it out (on day 14 now, and still no aurora). 😁
  7. Out of curiosity, what is beachcombing exactly? I'm currently running a casual Pilgrim (perhaps it is Voyager) and have come to think about what will run out first and how to plan for it. Becoming "all natural" is my goal, but with the whetstone eventually being gone (together with sowingkits), together with all metals I figured there is no way to stay in game forever just using natural resources? I know it would take a long time, probably longer than I would ever have time for, but still... Currently at some 300 days in using everyday to explore, gather, sort and plan. Funny how this sandbox survival mode has a firm grip on my gaming soul...
  8. Many thanks fellas! So, I'll just hang in there, I'm on the good statistical side now 😁 Hopefully the Aurora is just around the corner. Meanwhile, I should use daytime for cartography. Very pleased to hear you have different experiences, and also that a week or more is not unusual. Cheers, Broms
  9. Hi gentlemen and ladies! I've waited 6 nights next to the code-door for an Aurora to appear. So far a few bright starry nights, but mostly very cold snow storms and a lot of time on my hands. I guess I have 40 litres of water sitting next to my bedroll I don't mind waiting it out, but would like to check on you guys if it is "normal" to wait over a week? Cheers and take care in these unusual times! /Broms
  10. I'll check my achievements and then just wait and see. I guess I'll enjoy it a second time around, pausing survival for a change :)
  11. haha, yes, that is correct, been too busy with surviving - forum visits has been to a minimum. Really appreciate your feedback.
  12. Thank you all for replies! So, if it is a compability issue, how will the game tell who has finished ep. 1 and who has not? I guess we'll wait and see. Perhaps everyone simply get the option to start on ep. 2. I'll take your advice and replay ep. 1 just to have a look at the new stuff. I'm not too excited about the bear chapter though... One can say I've been "out of circulation" for a while since I'm playing survival exclusively (current session on day 450-ish). Love the game, hope for more content and additional maps.
  13. With recent updates and patches it seems my save is totally gone. I finished the Wintermute story about 2 years ago and am waiting for the next chapter. Now, I noticed (when choosing Wintermute), my only option is to start from the beginning? Is this due to a lack of save in the cloud or? Anyone else in the same boat? Don't mind so much re-playing the story - maybe I have to (do we?). A lot was changed, but I like how I remembered it and really just want to do the next chapter...