What are the grain loads ingame ?

Sol MacIvey

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Ingame when you pick up a round of .303 it seems to be a fmj type well my question is the .303 ingame shooting 150 grain 174 grain 180 grain or 215 hand loads the reason I ask is cause ingame the rifle feels underpowered to a extent but maybe its cause a portion of the barrel been sawed off by bubba anyway discuss away

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The rifle is quite adequate given the circumstances (it is a game) that it was intended for.  The actual characteristics of the ammunition do not matter as consideration of bullet weights, types, powder charges, and loadings would be likely far beyond the scope of what the devs wanted in the game. For simplicity, a bullet is a bullet, fmj/sp/hp is all the same, and so a round of 303 ammunition is just a round of ammunition.   

Given the animal model used for hunting in the game, one might postulate that a 22LR could be as effective as the 303, or even the 50 BMG if the devs chose to implement it.  Maybe once Story mode concludes and the devs can expand on what happens in Survival mode, assuming development continues. 

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