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  1. Ingame when you pick up a round of .303 it seems to be a fmj type well my question is the .303 ingame shooting 150 grain 174 grain 180 grain or 215 hand loads the reason I ask is cause ingame the rifle feels underpowered to a extent but maybe its cause a portion of the barrel been sawed off by bubba anyway discuss away
  2. So I was thinking sure the game is lone survivor mainly but what about adding living npcs in limited numbers thru out the map the max there could be is 10 and you could either help or leave em to there fates idk just a idea that popped in my head
  3. yea the hinterland folks told me to tell em what happened I had posted this on steam my user on steam was virgil cane now hinterland what happened was a powersurge hit our house cause of a rain storm and it turned off the power my othergames were fine but for some reason on the long dark it deleted my saveand the achievements ive experienced before anyway to fix this please respond