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On 4/26/2021 at 6:02 AM, Pyroxene said:


It would be nice if you could craft a greenhouse on empty ground and grow plants inside.

I know. It's not Minecraft. But I think it would be a nice escape from the harsh winter.



no plants grow in winter. temperatures can easily go down to -50

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^^ kind of what I was thinking. You’d have better luck starting with an indoor planting/farming option. 
And I’d see this as more of an abused wind shelter option players would/could use over planting.

Construction materials would be difficult as well as short of wood, the other elements are not there. Would need clear plastic or glass, some way to water, seeds themselves.

A good idea for TLD2, but impractical in the world currently created.

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This is how I image farming/gardening in the long dark:


I found a cabin near the lake with tons of sweets, sodas and ketchup chips. I rather have the salt & vinegar chips but I took them anyway. I also found some seeds. No idea what they are but temperatures seem to get warmer. Maybe spring is on the rise and I could try growing some food.

I took 2 pieces of cloth, watered them and put the seeds in between, before lying the cloth in the window sill. I made sure my fire kept burning to keep my hut warm. Seedlings like it warm. That's what the gardening book said i found.

Then i took the old broom apart for some wood and with a piece of scrap metal I had crafted myself an improvised hoe. The book said something about digging over the ground as well. But it also said I should think about where to put my vegetable  bed. I found a nice place right behind my hut. From where the sun went up and down, I knew this was the south side and therefore received the most sun light. Even though it wasn't that much and sometimes the sun wouldnt shine for days. But i tried anyway and started using some reclaimed wood and laid it out in a square to mark the edges of my vegetable bed. I didn't like it though, so I grabbed my hatchet and went into the woods to find some nice cedar wood. All the photos in the gardening book looked so nice, so I wanted to make my little garden look pretty as well. I reused the reclaimed wood though to build a bit of a wind shelter for one side. Another side was sheltered by my hut. Place wise this is the best I could think of.

Time for the hard work. I starded digging over the ground but failed quickly. It was frozen solid and my hoe broke after a few minutes of trying. Frustrated I went back inside, made a fire, tried to remember where I'd put that other piece of scrap metal I had left and brewed myself a cup of Moose Kicks! At least I thought so. I ran out of water. So i melted some snow and that's when it hit me. I grabbed loads of fire wood and a pack of matches and ran back out. I started a fire where I tried to loosen up the ground and loaded it up with fuel for the whole night. I went back inside, my coffee was burned but I just made a new one. Was time for dinner anyway.

The next morning I went out and found my burned out fire. Having made a new hoe I gave it another try. It worked this time. The fire has defrosted the ground and I was able to loosen it up.  It was still a really slow progress and took a few days. But it also allowed me to harvest some soil, which was needed as my seeds have sprouted into little seedlings.So i took some inside. Used a old recycled can and opened it from the bottom as well. I than covered the bottom again with cloth, hold in place by a fishing line wrapped around the edge of the can with the cloth. That way the water will drain but the soil stays inside my homemade flower pot. I made a few of them and transfered my seedlings into them before placing them back on the window sill. The next few days I spend finishing off the ground while my seedlings grew into little plants. Temperatures got a little warmer as well so I took  my little plants and transfered them into the ground. I watered them and went back inside.

The next morning I went out and checked on them but the nights cold has killed them all. Frustrated I stormed back into my hut, not seeing the hoe i left lying around. I stepped on it, it smashed straight in my face and knocked me out. Lying there unconscious I ended up freezing to death. But at least the vegetable bed my frozen corpse lied next to looked pretty.  


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