I made a mobile companion app for The Long Dark


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Very cool. This is a perfect addition and companion to TLD. One of those things that has always been missing and you just didn't know it. I will definitely be using it once i get it downloaded to my tablet. Keep up the good work.

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just found out about this from the steam forum. fantastic job man! FWIW, I don't see any ads on android (galaxy s8). Cheers and thank you!!

you can support the developer of this great app here (buy him a coffee, a ferrari, whatever you can afford!):
direct link: https://ko-fi.com/brooksbecton#checkoutModal
I'm not sure if my donation of $5 went through Mobile_Pilgrim, I used the debit/credit card choice and filled it our correctly but got no confirmation and it stayed on the same page with my info still there so I clicked Pay Now again and the same thing happened. Fwiw, I use Firefox (latest) on pc.

Any chance you could make this thread a sticky devs?

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