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  1. It's been almost 10 months now since the lockdown. How are you guys doin' with your The Long Dark journey during those times?
  2. Aw, I was looking for it also. So my hope is broken also. ūüėĘ
  3. Nice, You literally just killed the wolf with a hammer kill! Good job!
  4. What do you mean, RISK? Can you explain?
  5. What happens when you get cabin fever in the long dark?
  6. My bed is a magical place where suddenly I remember everything I forgot to do.
  7. Lots of ideas here. Thank you for sharing guys
  8. I really don't have an idea with this game but I need to explore more to learn.
  9. Welcome haydenthebrave! Your country is my biggest dream to go to. I hope we all survive this pandemic, I'm tired of hearing sad stories everywhere it just breaks my heart. Still thanks to these games like The Long Dark, had it for years and still I'm still hook to it.
  10. I never considered using a toiler paper as a better way of cleaning your behinds, it leaves bacteria and germs after pooping session LOL. That's why I also LOL'ed when I found out that it became a shortage here in US LMAO.
  11. I know people who are eagerly waiting too! Following this.