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  1. Very true! many games have big tournament which has bigger price which is indeed making you instant-rich! How about you? are you playing other games as well? Why?
  2. Yeah, this the right answer 😅
  3. Yeah, They're indeed cruel way to catch a bear.
  4. Video-games really cures the boredom and depression to some people and I'm grateful to it.
  5. Very nice!!! Congrats dude! How's the feeling?
  6. Exactly. I know and I understand the feeling. Your kind words warmed my heart and I believe that your statements are important and thanks for providing guidance for everyone. I also found this article which gives me interest and worthy to share,, hoping someone can benefit from it.
  7. I feel you dude. Having a bad memory is really bad. Yeah " bad "
  8. Does playing video games relieve depression, or does it cause depression? What are your thoughts?
  9. Really?! I'll gonna give it a try later 😁