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  1. i am not sure, but i believe that i may have discovered proof of my theory that one or more of the writers may have at least second hand experience with Will and Astrid's situation. in the graveyard around the Church, there a lot of crosses, but 2 actual stones. both carry a name of a young man and birth and death years. both young men were 17 at the time of their passing. i have noticed that programers and writers often create easter eggs like this to honor someone they lost.
  2. i have been playing TLD sandbox alpha off and on for over 2 years, i believe. as you can tellby my " Pathfinder " rank in the forums, i do have many posts. most likely, we just have not been active at the same times. edit: make that just under 2 years. i joined the forums in Sept 2015. and there was a period of about 6 months that i couldnt log in when they did a major overhaul of the forums
  3. i am not this far into the game yet, but i may have a bit of insight on Will for Sasha. Will is a bush pilot of obviously many years experience, he has also suffered great personal loss and is an alcoholic. to him, death is just something that happens. there is really only one person in the world whose death would have any effect on him, and that is Astrid. maybe as the story progresses and his body begins to " dry out", the fates of others may start to have more meaning to him, but at this point, even his own life doesnt matter to him, let alone the lives of others.
  4. Thelek


    replaced step one with a muttered "SOBMFG". i have been working on anger management. skipped dtep 2. see first line. most of step 3 unnecessary, pressed guide button. followed 4 thru 9. my step 10: SOB!! IT ACTUALLY WORKED!!! step 11: make this post to thank SASHAMORNING for the great advice. step 12: resume game from last save and play until the next major glitch stops me cold.
  5. only 19??? i would have swore at least twice that by your posts. i am on the high side of 50 and i often come to these forums even when i am not actively playing the game just to cool down from the immaturaty of folks on other forums. on one forum i am active on, even after the mod threatened to lock a topic, the name-calling and belittling continued. what made it worse was that some of the worse offenders were also born in the 1960s. as for the original topic, i deduced that it was a lost child by the the second FMV. ( of course, i have yet to see a third due to the game crashing and wiping all my saves ). the kind of tension between Will and Astrid can only really exist in that kind of situation. i know this from both first hand and second hand experience. in most cases when a couple loses a child, each person tends to deal with the loss differently. here, Will turned to the bottle and a life of solitude as a bush pilot and Astrid dove into her work. this, of course, drove the couple apart even though they still love each other deeply. i have seen this happen with my parents and a close cousin, abd have actually been through it personally. i am fairly certain that at least one of the writers at hinterland has either had or witnessed a similar situation, as well, as i feel it would be difficult to get the emotional tension so accurate without at least second experience. i could see how someone without personal experience could miss the point, they would not immediately pick up on the situation like someone who does would. but i believe that is the point. since most people have not, or do not know someone who has lost a child, especially younger people, they would not immediately make the connection and have many of the same questions as the op.
  6. Thelek


    thanks for the advice on avoiding the wolves. i had already decided on that course of action before all my saves were wiped. i will play again, just not until thr patch comes through. microsoft has been a thorn in hinterlands side from the begining. i remember one time waiting almost a week for a patch and once 3 days for a hot fix. i have notived a disturbing pattern at MS. i play a few other games that are also in constant flux with updates. some by small publishers like hinterland and others by large publishers like telltale and MS studios. the games by the large publishers have almost no wait time for their additional content. in fact, an update for the telltale game went live 4 days before even they expected. y'all can do the math and come up with your own answers.
  7. as far as i can tell, all you get from the backpack is the metal case beside it. the description of the case says you get it out of the pack even tho it was sitting next to the pack.
  8. Thelek


    actually, The Long Dark has been out for XB1 for nearly 3 years, longer for PC on Steam. the release on 1 Aug was the first non-alpha release and the first to have story mode. many of us have been playing the sandbox alpha for a couple years now, play testing the game and ofering feedback. as i mentioned in my original post, it is my opinion that the version of the game we had at this time last year was far better than what we have now.
  9. Thelek


    TLD XB1 v.1.0. (31946) after several restarts, i finally make it to the church. after spending the night, i grab everything useful, light a torch, and leave. there is a car and a wolf outside. i make a dash for the car and get inside. i find a few flares, cool. but my belly is making noises and that deer that the wolf is chewing onlooks awful tasty. so iget out of the car and throw my torch. it lands right between the wolf and carcass. the wolf takes off and i run up and quickly build a fire. only 4 lbs of meat, but it fills the void. i grab another torch and head on down the road. i just get to a pick up when the wolf reappears to get some payback for his stolen meal. we square off and i throw the torch. a perfect throw that beans him right between the eyes. but instead of running away like you would expect, he attacks. since my only weapon is a sharp sliver of metal i pulled from my own hand a few days ago, i quickly become the wolfs next meal. no biggie, just reload last save. as save is reloading, game crashes to the home screen. ok, just restart game. get to title screen and select "Wintermute" expecting to see a resume, new, and load menu. only option is new. went to sandbox to check my saves there... they are all gone. i restarted the game again, all saves gone. i shut off console and clear cache, restart console and game.... all saves still gone. seriously, folks, i am becoming more and more disappointed in this game every day. i think i will take a break from TLD for a couple weeks and hope you manage to get some semblance of a playable game again. this game was so much better a year ago than it is now.
  10. which cave are you calling the first cave? i have encountered 2 caves so far, the one you spend the first 4 days in and one that you travel through to get from the crash site to a road. no bedroll in either and i die from exhaustion before i get anywhere near "safety". that is, of course, if i dont end up feeding a wolf first. i have loved TLD ever since i first bought it more than 2 years ago. but with the last alpha update and the Wintermute release, i find that i dont love it so much anymore. to many changes that made the game harder to play, and i am not talking about gameplay difficulty, but rather mechanics changes that make the game unnecessarily difficult to understand and play. i am really disappointed in this wonderful game that had so much potential.
  11. well, as i mentioned, i am somewhat visually impaired. (20/60 in both eyes with lenses), so i have a bit of trouble seeing a white UI against a white background even 2 feet away from a 42 inch tv. the UI really needs to contrast against the enviroment. not black, because then the UI would be lost when indoors. maybe a light to medium gray or a bright yellow or green. something that would be visable in most areas.
  12. I have been away from TLD for a while checking out some new games when i heard about the Faithful Cartographer update. i was so excited that i dropped everything else i was doing and went straight to TLD and started a new game ready to bury myself in a brand new adventure. imagine my extreme disappointment when i discovered that the game is 100% unplayable for me now. the new UI is all but invisable to me. i have been saying all through the game development that white is not a good color to use for the UI since 90% of the game takes place in the snow. now to be fair, i am somewhat visually impaired, but even so, i think even a person with perfect eyesight would have issues with this UI. The Long Dark is one of my favorite games and i have greatly enjoyed being a part of is's development. it would make quite unhappy if that after all this time i would miss out on enjoying the finnished product. btw: i play TLD on XB1
  13. i have just noticed the hoods of the cars dont stay open after i make a transition. it isnt really a big deal, but it is how i mark a car as having been searched. leaving a hood up makes it easy to tell from a distancs that a car is empty.
  14. interesting. as i recall, there only 4 random caches in PV. and i have never been able to find a single one. by the looks of things, the perma bunker will be the only one i will ever find. oh well, should make for some interesting play.
  15. does that mean there are 2 caches to be found in PV then?