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  1. Yeah, stay at home, be occupied, and connect to nature would be a great move to keep us healthy all the way!
  2. Welcome to wilderness!
  3. Thanks, Leanda! Your words are so wonderful & powerful. I wish you safe journey.
  4. A pandemic is not just a medical phenomenon; it affects individuals and society and causes disruption, anxiety, stress, stigma, and xenophobia. The behavior of an individual as a unit of society or a community has marked effects on the dynamics of a pandemic that involves the level of severity, degree of flow, and aftereffects. Rapid human‐to‐human transmission of the SARS‐CoV‐2 resulted in the enforcement of regional lockdowns to stem the further spread of the disease. Isolation, social distancing, and closure of educational institutes, workplaces, and entertainment venues consigned peop
  5. Hello and welcome to wilderness!
  6. Hello and welcome aboard!
  7. Hello and welcome to the forums.
  8. Thanks for your recommendation. I wanna know if what Call of Duty game should I start with? Just want to taste a new game, 😁
  9. Hello and welcome aboard!
  10. No, never. It's too difficult for me.
  11. Same here... not even a single one. 😐
  12. There's so many games out there with different genres/types. Aside from Long Dark, what games are you hooked right now? Is it that good and why?