Alan is real?


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No, but one time when I was sleeping in the broken house at the Deadfall area during an aurora, I dreamedt that I was attacked by Max wielding a hatchet.  The next morning I went exploring and found him dead at Max's Last Stand... and a hatchet was lying in the snow beside him. 😀

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On 1/15/2021 at 1:58 AM, magaman49 said:

Who's Alan?

I guess this is a reference to Mr. Alan Lawrance, one of the former Hinterland Studios 4 knights of TLDpocalypse, alongside Raphael, David and Marianne.

Maybe Alan liked camping at the place, it is a pretty cool spot after all. 

I'd love to know the history of the names for the locations and also how the team at HL evolved through the years. Hopefully we get a Hinterland backstage deep dive, like The Simpsons Behind the Laughter or something of the sort in the future. 

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