Bear sleeping on Unnamed Pond during day


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Had a weird thing happening on my Interloper run. Heard bear noises at the Unnamed Pond in ML, and was looking for the bear moving around. Then I noticed the bear lying on the ice in the pond, making noises, but not moving. It was in the middle of the day. I thought it was a fluke. But, turns out, it was sleeping. Approached to about 5 feet away, no problem, and one head shot later, I had a dead bear in front of me. Easiest insta-kill ever.



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Sleeping bears can be pretty nasty. I was crossing the bridge in Mountain Town one day, when I saw a bear saunter slowly between two cars. So I greeted him with an arrow and hid bravely in a car for a couple of hours. I got out to look for him and quickly found him lying dead in his den just across the bridge. Except he wasn't dead, just sleeping, and he woke up and mauled me and then came a blizzard and I froze to death. Totally fooled me.

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