Feature The Long Dark in your next video call with this Virtual Background


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With everyone spending more time communicating with one another through our computers it can be dull looking at the exact same wall in the background of video calls all the time. Here at Hinterland, where we’ve been working on The Long Dark remotely, we wanted something to add a little flavour to our own video meetings; so we created this video background which we’re sharing with you.

This works with video conferencing programs that allow you to add a Virtual Background. Just check in the app preferences for the option and then add this video. If you’re not spending your hours teleconferencing it may also be used as a video desktop on systems that support the option.

We hope that everyone is staying safe and taking proper precautions during this time.

- The Hinterland Team

Download Here


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Cool idea! It looks really nice.

If I may add a little feedback: don't let the snow fade-in or fade-out. Something I can easily change with video editing software so no problem.
But I expect to constantly see all snow fading out is getting annoying or at least distracting really fast for the viewer. :)

Again lovely idea! :D

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