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  1. I'm not very active here anymore but still play the game from time to time. I just wanted to say thank you for the communication. And stay say out there, take care.
  2. Yeb I haven't noticed this change yet but it always bugged me that that message completely ignores the game language. I agree that this state should be considered a bug not the other way around.
  3. Cool idea! It looks really nice. If I may add a little feedback: don't let the snow fade-in or fade-out. Something I can easily change with video editing software so no problem. But I expect to constantly see all snow fading out is getting annoying or at least distracting really fast for the viewer. Again lovely idea!
  4. Nice update! I hope all of you are still healthy and stay that way. Good luck with all the home working and the limitations (and possibilities) it brings.
  5. I'm more the opposite of it. 80-90% of my games are bought on Steam, rest on physical copies or other platforms (steam is like 10 games I think hahaha). But the thing that annoys me a bit about GOG, which isn't GOG's fault imo, is that most developers don't use the beta channel on the platform. Most of them offer it on Steam and ignore the beta channels on GOG. It's mostly small indie studio's using GOG's beta channel functionality.
  6. Gog has the same ability for a beta branch as Steam has so that shouldn't be any problem as far as I'm aware. GOG even lists the 5 most recent versions for every game by default (not the same thing I know). It would be interesting for those who don't have access to the earlier builds.
  7. Nou dat wachten op die uitgaves gaat nog wel even duren denk ik. Jaartje verder en nog steeds aan het wachte, is het wel waard denk ik. Inmiddels zitten we in onze eigen Long Dark met Corona, bijzondere gedachte.
  8. Wow, I'm, impressed too. That's very fast. I think they've been this quick once before though. But yeah pretty impressive. I'm happy with it!
  9. Thanks! It has been a while since I've been reading the forum. I see I've got to read a lot of Milton Mailbags haha. 40 Canadian dollars. I got very intrigued by the pure survival aspect. Back then the 3 proof of concept video's that existed where prototype footages of a dead deer, the inside of a house and a tent in the middle of a frozen forest. While approaching the dead deer a text comes onto the screen "Would you eat?". Walking towards the tent you hear 2 people inside having an argument and one screaming "Shut up! Shut up!". In the house (dark with fire as lightning) you're lo
  10. Man that was a great update video. Amazing! I think I'm going to play this game a lot more the coming weeks. It looks very very nice. When I backed this game in early 2014 I didn't expect any of this, and it gets better and better over time. Great work Hinterland team, enjoy the holidays!
  11. I wasn't expecting this to be annouced so early. Amazing Hinterland team, you've outdone it again.
  12. Interesting. If smoking food a thing in the game I would now shout 'free smoke'!.
  13. Hi Raphael and team, I think that the Lost & Found system is a lovely addition without breaking immersion. What a great idea! Dropping support voor de x86 version of the game is also a nice progression. I hope this will end some annoying bugs for you. Nice update! I hope you'll soon enjoy some spare time and see how everyone plays the new version. 😀
  14. Wow I was just checking the forums again. That's a nice surprise. Looking forward to the video! Sounds great!
  15. I literally realised I've never seen thunder during winter here haha. Just never came to my mind as it normally only happens during summer which made it seem as the season to have it happen a lot. Then I googled it and found Thundersnow.. a few min later I noticed I'm not the first to discover this haha. It would be interesting to see this weather type both in-game as in real life (I've never experienced such a thing). But I would advice to make it something that won't happen a lot looking at how big the difference in temperature need to get (when cause by a water body compared to air t
  16. Toevallig kijk ik net weer, timing hahaha. We gaan t wel zien. ik wacht momentele nog een paar uitgaves van het spel af omdat ik het verhaal graag opnieuw wil spelen.
  17. Ik ben er nog, alleen niet heel actief meer.
  18. Been lurking around lately. Great to read so many Milton Mailbags and now this dev diary. Thanks for sharing the ongoing progress, much appreciated.
  19. Yes thanks! That's the topic I meant.
  20. I believe there´s a whole topic about tjhis somewhere here on the forums. Someone went there. There´s also a fanmade video about the location combined with the notes you can find in the game, they seem to talk about this place.
  21. Good question. I'm not one of the backers who got to add a cairn so I'm not fully informed (I think). But from what I understand not all backers with this tier have written their contribution yet. I'm a bit afraid that some of them never will as this eye candy piece of the game added later than some expected (makes sense to me as it's purely eye candy). I think some people even forgot about it. But this might be something a backer can confirm who was informed about what you have to do to write these. Or Hinterland themselves.
  22. Ah yes the road map with aspirational idea's, loved to get a view on it. Sadly a lot of people didn't knew that aspirational and promise aren't the same words. Non-map based is as far as I understand it what we currently have as terrain parts that can be recognised (unique) combined with the map you draw with charcoal (as it's not pointing where you are).
  23. That's correct. These are contributions from the crowdfunding backers. For some tiers it was a possibility to add these things. I like them a lot.