Allow Us to Turn Off the New "Wolf Pursuit" Music...


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Just a toggle in the sound settings, please. I don't remember the last time I disliked a change to the game this much. I'm sure I'm not alone.

In its current form, after spending some hours with the new version and watching streamers play for similar amounts of time, it feels repetitive (as there is only one iteration) and thus immersion-breaking.

I preferred the atmosphere created simply by the subtle, tell-tale sounds of a nearby wolf and then the sounds of the growling and barking as it aggro'd.

Thanks for considering, guys! Hope you are all happy, healthy, and safe.


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I agree.  I love the in-game music but I've turned it off since it started playing different music when a wolf aggros.  It would be nice to have a setting to disable that, similar to how we can disable the Timberwolf morale meter.

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For me, I just use the slider already provided to turn the music down over all to someplace between 25-30%...  so I can still hear the musical score but it's never intrusive.

This way the "natural" ambient sounds are the predominate focus while still having a little of the atmosphere painted by the music. 

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Maybe they could change the wolf pursuit music to only play when a player is low health and/or can't run? If it only plays when you're in trouble I feel that could work well.


While we are on the topic of music sometimes I wish the music wouldn't stop when you entered a building because I liked it and wanted to hear more. I am not sure I would actually like this change though, if it were implemented.

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I really adore the "predator threat" theme, even more so the (even more) dramatic story mode timberwolf and "predator threat" themes, but I see what you mean and agree, for those who dislike the wolf music, make it optional.

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