Make a display of gloves, why does the character still walk around with bare and pale hands?


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this game is more than five years old, and McKenzie still walks around with his bare hands. It's a survival game... it's 40C Outside the window, and he's running around with his bare hands. Developers, make a visualization of the clothes on the character, thank you.


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Of course they do make some very nice leather shooting gloves, I've got a nice fitted pair I wear when  shooting skeet  and I have some fingerless archery gloves as well so I get you've got a point that it would be nice if the  character was wearing gloves if he had them...  so if they are gonna spend time  putting gloves in the animation, lets hope they make a separate animation for every type of gloves or mittens in the game.   Now on the other hand, as  both a bow and a modern rifle hunter, I can honestly tell you, that I wear gloves in cold weather when I am out in the field walking and stalking or when just sitting and waiting in a blind or tree stand.  But when it comes time to do the shooting, my gloves come off both hands regardless of what the weather is like.  hard to get your finger thru the trigger guard wearing a big fat pair of ski gloves.   Let alone pull back on a recurve bow with a 40 to 45 pound draw weight wearing mittens.  Just saying, the animation as it sits works under those circumstances.  you might just wanna put your weapon away for now while your walking and keep your finger poised on that number 2 button just in case!  😉


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On 5/30/2020 at 9:04 PM, odizzido said:

A number of guns can be shot decently with mittens on. They just need to be designed for it. I doubt either of the ones we have in game are but I don't know.

not unless you just happen to wear a ragged pair of mittens and you finger happens to stick out!  lol   👈

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