The Long Dark -- PATCH 1 Now Live


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STEAM PATCH 1 FOR THE LONG DARK -- Updates to Version 1.01 (32223)



* Added missing translations for Trust dialogue
* Fixed startup issues for some systems using DirectX 9
* Fixed issue with some books disappearing when dropped
* Improvements to checkpointing to help avoid getting into a low-Condition death spiral
* Buffed the Condition-restoration boost when player reloads after Death
* Added a Bedroll to the Cave in Chapter One. This can be used to Save your Game
* Removed requirement to drink Rosehip Tea in Survival Bowl; it is now an optional objective
* Fixed issue with Rifle Cleaning Kit disappearing after reloading a save
* Fixed issue with environment geo near the Climbing Park section in Milton
* Fixed various cases where audio could cut out
* Fixed flickering in cutscenes that could occur when using OpenGL (Mac and Linux)
* Fixed locked controls when throwing a stone and picking up a rabbit at the same time
* Fixed floating necklace when speaking with Grey Mother
* General cinematics polish
* Fixed scrollbar issue when transferring items to NPCs
* Fixed place object shader so objects tint correctly over decals
* Fixed issue with radios playing music when aurora isn’t present

We're continuing to fix additional issues as quickly as we can. Thank you for your patience.

- The Hinterland Team


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Thanks a bunch! I was having a bit of trouble all the way up to Milton with not being able to sleep, finally got to lay down in the church, but I did make it. Glad to know there is a bag now.

I noticed the radio bug as well in the Savings & loan  I had hit the radio for giggles and didn't realize it was working, later I kept hearing music and I thought "there's no music in Long Dark" and told my kids to turn their music down...

I also wanted to bring up a bug that was not listed: when the first few wolves appear, they seem to be scripted to eat the deer carcasses along the path and the player should try to avoid them. However, if the wolf is scared off for any reason, the eating and growling audio still plays anytime I am near the carcass. This happens at the first deer carcass that had a wolf at it and the deer carcas at the church for sure. It believe it also happens at a few others too but I have not confirmed; for instance when you reach the road and a rabbit dashes out only to be caught by a wolf. 

Additionally, some quest markers do not disappear from the map even after completing them. For instance, Light Up The Night still shows on the map even after finding the distress pistol.

No other bugs so far, though I was not certain how the quantities for Grey Mother's gathering quests were calculated. For food, is it measured in calories, and for wood is it burn time or weight?

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