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  1. I know many people enjoy the changes to the cooking mechanics, but for some, especially those on console, the controls are not intuitive. The game has also lost some of it's enjoyment due to the tedious nature of cooking and preparing water. Simply having an option to switch back to the older cooking mechanic would be amazing. Clearly the more options the better no? I just can't get into the new system... and don't find it enjoyable. I would love to keep playing, but prefer the old mechanics.
  2. Agreed. The new cooking update killed it for me. Took a couple month break from the game, came back to the new update and I just can't stand it.. I spend far too much time cooking and making water. I just want it to go back to the way it was.. I can't be bothered to play it as it is now.. Which sucks, because I love the game. I just don't enjoy it anymore with the new mechanics.
  3. It was behind the crate! May have been able to see it without breaking it down, but it wasn't until it was broken down that I noticed it sitting there. Upstairs beside the table with the lamp I believe!
  4. I found one in ML in the lake office. I had to break down a crate to find it though.
  5. I'll admit that the medication and matches with condition are frustrating. Thats half the reason I drop/store things in crates until i am close to needing it. The inventory clutter is real.
  6. I haven't tried it on sandbox either. I'm stuck at work at the moment but plan on loading it up tonight when I get home. I'll do some testing.
  7. They've stated in previous topics/threads that they were aware of the issue and were working on a fix. Then the patch was released and it fixed it (for most people anyway). You never said, are you finished Episode 1? No sense in getting too worried if you aren't finished yet. Your progress will only disappear if you hit "New" and then go to episode 2. If you hit resume, it should just automatically load up Episode 2 if you have finished 1.
  8. I believe I had the same issue! I thought maybe it was a glitch but I haven't tried it again since.
  9. Problem is, there is too much hand holding for experienced players, however not enough instruction for first time players. My buddy, who I recommended the game to, had never played before and he found the tutorial (beginning) portion of the game wasn't detailed enough. I was having to explain how to do everything and it ultimately turned him off of the game. Maybe an option before you start the game that asks you if you are a first time player, experienced, advanced or hardcore player before you jump in would have been a good idea. Or an option to turn off tutorial/hints
  10. It should all be fixed up man. Just finish Episode 1 and hit resume. If it takes you to episode 2 then you're gold. If not, then there is an issue. I was unable to move on initially, but now I am good to go. I didn't even realize my game had updated because ive got my xbox set to automatically update and keep games and apps up to date.
  11. I've always had the most luck in ML. My current play through I found the weapons cache near the Lake Office. There were 2 rifles and a bunch of ammo, plus another rifle in the Dam. Before I had those, I found one somewhere else on day 1. So I'm sitting on 4 rifles and like 30 bullets just within ML. I think 4 rifle cleaning kits as well, so I'm good for a while. Usually I move on because its not much of a challenge after a while. Although, I've not made it to 200 days yet, so I suppose I just haven't waited long enough for it to become too challenging. I'd like to say I'll go for that 500 day achievement, but I'm sure I'll die long before then.
  12. Yeah, I'm stuck at work all day, but will definitely be checking first thing when I get home. Been aching to play haha. Cheers!
  13. In Canada here as well. Ill have to check tomorrow after work. Hoping that it has updated by then BTW, big shout out to Hinterland staff for being relatively speedy with all the patches. This game is like a drug and I need my fix. Thanks!
  14. A patch for the Xbox version?? I have background downloads on so I don't even know if ive received an update? was there a patch released?