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  1. The big advantage of opening the hood is you can see it from a distance.
  2. Now that I've never had happen. Sounds like a bug to me. You empty a container, yet hovering your cursor over it again shows it's not empty. Weird!!!
  3. That's what I do also. Although a few folks here in the forums brought up a good point in that with the hood raised you can't see wolves out the front windshield. Those that have mentioned this say the just drop the visors to mark vehicle as searched. I haven't started doing this but that's only because i keep forgetting.
  4. If a container has already been searched, when you hover the mouse cursor over it again it will either say Empty or Searched. Empty obviously means the container is empty and Searched means you have searched that container before but there is currently something in it. I think that's what you were asking about. Maybe I'm not understanding what you're saying.
  5. Hawk

    A rant

    Here! Here! The admin is a better man than I, assuming of course he's a guy. 😁 I think the if should have been an I.
  6. I have issues with both TLD and GoG, but not Hinterland. Besides, posting on the GoG forums is about the same as me writing on my bedroom wall: A complete waste of time. Sorry if my comments bother you so much.
  7. I didn't mean to sound like I was blaming Hinterland for the patch problems with GoG. It was like that before you folks pulled the game from them. I was just commenting in general about not buying unfinished games in the future. I may not buy any games from GoG anymore either. They have really gone downhill in the past year or so. Although I'm not a big fan of some of the changes in Steadfast Ranger, not to mention the new bugs. The only thing I really miss, now that I've reverted back to V-1.47, is the brighter interior in the PV farmhouse, but I can live with that. BTW! I did notice the 1.55 patch is now available at GoG, as of this morning sometime.
  8. OK! Thanks! I think I've decided to go back to 1.47 though so I won't worry about this patch anymore, but thanks for your info. 👍 I have learned a valuable lesson from this experience: Never buy an unfinished game again. The game Foundation looks good but it's still a ways from being finished so I'm going to hold off on it. Who knows; the developers may also decide to pull the game from GoG before it's finished.
  9. Just curious if you ever got a confirmation from GoG on receiving the 1.55 patch?
  10. I hit the Windows key by mistake a lot when trying to crouch but I've never had the game freeze like that.
  11. In my opinion, we already have one more weapon in the game than we need. Personally I see no need for the revolver.
  12. If Hinterland sent it to GoG at the end of the day on the 3rd, and since GoG is about 9 hours ahead of Hinterland, that means they probably got it on the 4th. If that's the case, and if GoG follows in tradition of TLD updates, I wouldn't look for the 1.55 patch to be available at GoG until next Thursday or so - about 9 days from when they receive it.
  13. That's some amazing work you do. Do you sell them?
  14. Hawk

    Challenge: Hunted

    In that case...Oops! Maybe I shouldn't have said anything.