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  1. GOG has always been at least 3 days, typically 9 days behind Steam in new releases of TLD. I thought pretty certain you were aware of this since you did comment on this issue in this post. I'm not putting any blame on Hinterland at all. As I mentioned above, I was simply stating a fact. I was not taking issue about it. I have in fact contacted GOG about this and they were unable to offer an acceptable or intelligent answer for their release gap. Please folks, I meant no issue with Hinterland, Raph, TLD or any other person thinking I'm attacking Hinterland, Raph, TLD or anyone in the forums. I was simply stating a fact about GOG being so slow in new releases of TLD. I honestly can't see, from my post, how it could have been construed that I was taking issue with Hinterland, Raph or TLD. Sheeesh!! I guess I'll go back to just reading and keeping my thoughts to myself. I certainly don't want to offend or upset anyone.
  2. I chose Nothing special. I'll wait to see if any bugs are reported, then wait for them to be fixed before I play. Of course, since I bought TLD at GOG, it won't even be available for me (and other GOG users) for 9 days or better, so most bugs will have been reported by then, and probably even fixed.
  3. You can get on the roof of the shed across from Trappers. Obviously the moose, or bear, can't get to you there. You just have to climb the rocks behind it, then walk onto the roof. It takes some trial and error but it's pretty easy once you figure out the path you need to take.
  4. I also noticed the fridge not being there, but it's possible they decided to move it. The rest of that short scene sure looks like the PV farmhouse.
  5. I shot a bear with the bow out in front of the farmhouse in PV, then ducked into the car to avoid getting mauled. When the bear walked by I saw the arrow stuck in its right front paw. When he got far enough away I dashed into the house for a good nights sleep, knowing that was a futile shot. Got up the next morning to a beautiful sunny day and looked out to the field and saw the bear lying there - dead. Who'd a thought an arrow in the paw would kill a bear?
  6. Yes, that is still the case. Here's what the description says:
  7. According to the Wiki, they still are. https://thelongdark.fandom.com/wiki/Clothing#Outer_3
  8. This time I picked up a bow with nothing in hand and it did not auto-equip, and it was visible every time I used it after that. I guess it has to do with having something in your hand when you pick up a found bow.
  9. I just picked up a bow with with flare in hand and it did auto-equip and dropped the flare on the floor of the cave. That was, however, the only time the bow was visible after that. Even when I killed a bear with it by hitting it in the paw with an arrow, from the invisible bow. That one arrow to the paw caused the bear to bleed out. I was really surprised.
  10. I'm really impressed it was done in MS Paint. As said above: Nice job.
  11. OK! Thanks! Good map anyway. Let me buy you a cup of coffee for your work.
  12. Would you happen to have a larger version of this image? All I'm getting is an image at 1200 x 765
  13. That bridge is one that you love to hate. I have a mild fear of heights and walking across that bridge feels similar to being on the roof of a very tall building. Every time I go through that region I dread that crossing. I actually did fall off of it once, a long time ago. That bridge is a lot worse than the dam ledge, in regards to the dread factor.
  14. For some reason I was under the impression that decay rates didn't start until you first entered a region, as opposed to when you start a new game.
  15. I have, on rare occasions, found rifle ammo on top of a filing cabinet. You couldn't see it but by hovering your mouse near the top - above the drawer, it showed up. I've also found items on the top shelf of a set of shelves, but that is even rarer. You have to hover your mouse across the bottom of the shelf for it to show. I don't recall ever finding anything behind a piece of cardboard standing against the wall, but on rare occasions I have found stuff in cardboard boxes and, of course, in those large wooden crates after breaking them down. I am one of those that hover my mouse over everything. Maybe not the first loot-through, but if/when I go back I am generally a lot more thorough.