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  1. Can anyone answer my question the the previous post?
  2. @Admin What exactly is this part of the 1.78 patch about?
  3. And you got racism out of this - how? That's just sad, really.
  4. I agree with @micah6vs8. Here's a link to an article about this issue. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/03/how-china-the-who-the-cdc-and-the-mainstream-media-worked-together-to-create-the-greatest-pandemic-hysteria-in-world-history/
  5. My bad! I forgot about that crouch spot. It's been a while since I've been through that cave.
  6. I'm not talking about the cave near the radio tower at Grey Mother's or the pond near there. If you are at the location where the bear wanders around at the Spruce Falls Bridge, you can take a path that will lead you through a cave that will take you to the pond with the rabbits and island in the middle. It's actually the cave that was used in the early Episode 1, if you're familiar with that old version. From there you can go to the crash site or back to Grey Mother's. Like I said though, unfortunately it's a one way path. You can't take that route from Grey Mother's to the Spruce Falls Bridge. You can, however, leave Grey Mother's, go past the radio tower, take a left near that cave (only one way in and out - a dead end cave) and go to that frozen pond (no island in the middle) and on the right hand side you'll find a climbing rock that you can climb to take you to the rabbit pond with the island in the middle, which from there you can go to the crash site. There was a climbing rock there in the old Episode1 but it's gone now. If you're still confused I'll crop out part of a map and show you where I'm talking about, but I don't want to unnecessarily give away any spoilers.
  7. There is still somewhat of a shortcut. If you take the path from the bear to like you're going to the crash site, through the cave, when you get to the pond with the rabbits and the island in the middle, you can take an easy mountain goat down to the pond, then go to either the crash site or Grey Mothers'. Unfortunately you can't get from Grey Mother's to the bear. It's a one-way shortcut. But you can get to the crash site from Grey Mother's and from Grey Mother's to the crash site. Not really the shortcut that used to be, but shorter than taking the road the whole way from where the bear roams back to Grey Mother's. There's also a bit of a shortcut from Grey Mother's to the trailer. Take a right on across the bridge and go over the hill. That will take you to the road at the foot of the hill at the trailer.
  8. In PV there used to be one bunker that generated all the time (near the rope to TWM) and one of 9 possible spawn locations. Now, since the Episode 3 update, it seems that the bunker near Skeeter's Ridge spawns all the time, along with the one near the TWM rope, but none of the others ever spawn anymore. Has anyone else found any others since the Ep.3 update, or found anything different than what I described?
  9. I thought about what you said and went back to 1.37. I think you're right. It does seem to be when TLD was at its best. I think I'll just stay at that version. It's a shame really. What was once, what I considered the best game I've played has turned into just another game.
  10. I'm seriously thinking about going back to V-1.56, back when the game was still the best game out there, and consider it the last update I'll install (unless they make some serious changes, which I doubt). Either that or just uninstall the game completely. Sad really. TLD was once a great game.
  11. Yea, I got the 1.67 patch for PC this morning too. Very surprised and impressed. I hope this is something they [GoG] continue to do.
  12. Again, I must say I am quite surprised and impressed. GoG now has a 1.64 to 1.67 patch as well as a full install of 1.67. I'm not sure what's going on at GoG because this and the 1.64 update is the fastest they ever released a TLD update/patch.
  13. For those interested, GoG now has a 1.64 to 1.67 patch as well as a full 1.67 install.
  14. Ah! My apologies. I did not know the BB tea was disabled in the challenge. I don't play challenges so I guess I should refrain from commenting on them ion the future.