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  1. I also think Blackrock is above ML and between Milton and PV. I also think Perseverance Mills is east of PV (in the above Great Bear map), connected by the road leading away from Thomson's Crossing, past the path to the Cinder Hills Mine and the road leading to the derelict cabins.
  2. I just updated TLD to 1.95 and also got the black screen at start-up, after the initial load screen. All I did was rename the intro_cards.mp4 file (found in the StreamingAssets/Video/Windows folder, as described in the troubleshooting link I gave in my previous post) to intro_cards-hold.mp4 and that solved the issue, at least for Survival mode. I can't test this for Story mode since I haven't played Eps. 1, 2, or 3, so I can't try to load Ep. 4 Not sure if this is of any help to anyone or not. Just posting my experience.
  3. I finally, actually read the troubleshooting tip HL gave for this issue at this link - https://hinterlandgames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408005055636-Windows-7-Black-Screen-After-Disclaimer-or-Starting-WINTERMUTE-Episodes It seems to me, based on what I read there, that deleting all the mp4 files isn't what HL is saying. It specifically states To me that's not saying delete all mp4 files but only the one or the three in that folder. It doesn't say anything about deleting all files and folders. Just the files. Maybe I'm just misunderstanding this. I'm in the process
  4. Maybe this topic will be of some info.
  5. If you're running Win 7, this might the issue you have. If you're running Win 10, I have no idea.
  6. It's actually Episode 4 that releases sometime today, not 6. 😉
  7. Apparently not. This is from the Sept. Dev Diary
  8. Kind'a like the visors in cars. You can drop them down but there's never anything there.
  9. There's three forges on Great Bear. One in Desolation Point, on the ship, one in Forlorn Muskeg at Spence's, and one in Broken Railroad at the maintenance depot. You'll need a heavy hammer and lots of coal.
  10. In regards to the prepper caches, there's a couple of things to point out that you may not be aware of. In PV there are 9 possible prepper cache spawn locations, plus there is also one that spawns all the time near the rope to TWM. Only one of the 9 possible spawn locations will spawn with each new game. It sounds like you might have found one of the 9 possible spawn locations in your third game, if the one you mentioned is the one near Skeeter's Ridge. If so, don't expect that one to be there the next time you go looking for it. This also applies to ML, with the exception of the one
  11. Just take note to what it says under the Map Credits heading on the site linked to in the OP: This topic is almost 4 years old.
  12. One thing I forgot to mention. None of the 18 (9 in ML, 9 in PV) possible bunker spawns will happen if you're playing at Interloper level.