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  1. With my install of TLD, the file name is user001 without the following dot and number. I mention this only to point out that because I bought the game at GoG (back when they still sold it) and since the OP said he got it from the Microsoft store, his user file might also not have the dot and following number. My game saves, however, are named the same as you mentioned.
  2. WOW! Unbelievable!! You've actually almost run out of room to stock anything else. I'll have to stop by and do a little bartering with ya'. ūüĎć
  3. I try to avoid people myself.
  4. Hawk

    Screenshot Mode

    My pleasure. Hope it helps.
  5. Hawk

    Screenshot Mode

    Maybe this topic will be of some help.
  6. Not that I'm aware of. I have spent a good bit of time in the Cohutta WMA though, back when I was younger and more capable.
  7. A fellow Georgian. Wha'dya' know? I'm 'bout 40 miles north of Atlanta.
  8. Hawk


    Do you mean Ginseng?
  9. Here's a screenshot from OPTIONS>KEY BINDINGS showing the 3 keys to use for screenshots and what you get from using those 3 keys, as well as the other key bindings. Note the lock on some of the keys. That lock shows which keys CAN NOT be re-binded (is that a word? ), as mentioned by @ajb1978.
  10. The TLD Wiki may be of some help for you. https://thelongdark.fandom.com/wiki/Cabin_Fever
  11. This was something I had never thought about until you brought it up, then it intrigued me to the point of obsession. LOL!
  12. I just started a new game, just for the purpose of checking on this. Same custom settings as the my ongoing game, and the one I died in. I started in ML east of the clear cut, went down the hill, took a right, back up the hill and lo 'n behold, there was the firewood bunker. Having found that one I went straight to PV. After searching for the locations of 4 of them, I found the food bunker up near Three Strikes Farmstead. Not the one by the falls but one of the two near each other, like you're heading towards the plane crash. So I'd guess you can say finding a bunker in ML and PV and both are the same seems to be a bit of a fluke.
  13. Oh! It was a tools cache. I died in that game so I started a new one, but now that you mention it, I'll keep it in mind in this game when I get to ML and PV (if I live that long ) and make sure to note if they're both the same in both regions. That's an interesting thought. I started this game in CH.
  14. I found the one near the cave close to Thompson's Crossing.