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  1. Oh well that's good to know. I've been turning hud off for screenshots all this time, lol.
  2. So I don't think any of my screenshots posted here at all from the fbook forum I belong to so I'll make sure to come and post straight to this thread from now on. In the meantime here are two of my fave screenshots from a while back. I don't know if I like the untouched one better or the black & white one better.
  3. Well I'm no spring chicken but I have good eyesight but I can't see tiny font across the room. you know? On paper, it seems good, it looks good, but it doesn't do tv viewers any favors. Movies do it too sometimes when they're describing something. It drives me nuts and then everyone ends up asking 'what did that say?'.
  4. Nowadays, lot of people don't sit right at a desk with their face right at the monitor. People can sit on a couch and use the tv for a monitor now, like me with my pc, and when using a console you usually use the tv. In Story-Mode, I can't read those notes and letters!! I have to go up to the tv to read them. Even reading anything it says in your journal. Tiny faded font. Why?? Couldn't they be just a little bit larger? My only complaint. That said, Loving 'Fury, then Silence'!🐺🐺 🐺
  5. Yes I got that too but it stopped eventually, I think when I quit and then continued later. That was my only problem. A couple things disappeared on me, once picking them up weren't in my inventory, or anywhere. Nothing too important. So far everything's just awesome.
  6. I know it's not Wednesday but I'll be busy Wednesday 😉😉 So here's my fave quote: "Why should there be something rather than nothing?" Thomas Ligotti
  7. Can they restore the world? I don't know. Can they restore their love for each other? I don't know that either.
  8. Thanks, and dang, I spelled Grey wrong, lol.
  9. Someone in another forum has said they could progress by only adding a few items to her fridge and wood crate.
  10. October, November...Maybe...Maybe?
  11. Thanks guys. I don't know what happened either. It's so weird. I am going to do them again I guess but someone else said something about you have to be in a certain spot on the summit to get the cheevo but then someone else said it popped for him the second he climbed off the rope, anyway over the years I've been all over the top of that mountain so I can't see how I could have missed it. I've had this game in Steam since 2015 so I just don't understand. Do the devs never show up here anymore?