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  1. Crouch in the path of a rabbit, sit still and let it come to you (They'll almost kiss you). Throw stone: profit.
  2. I think you should drop by for yourself...
  3. Indeed it has! Although the poor old place gets less visits from me these days, what with the lookout "hoping" across the valley
  4. Always good to stop by to visit an old friend! Sometimes I get chills entering Trappers, I guess because I still envision it in its infancy (no crafting table, etc.)
  5. I think its a big first for the open-world genre to have a narrative that actually has a time limit. Witcher 3, Skyrim, Fallout, Just Cause 2, etc. all allowed you to go as slowly or as fast as you want through a story even though it makes no sense in the narrative. Skyrim: Improve your house and cook some Sweetrolls, meanwhile Alduin, the world eater, continues to live. However, in TLD, you could do some of it at your own time, but at other times you really have to get going to the next chapter, or die. This is not a game for completionists, this is a game for survivors. I think alot of us are used to the original formula, and some people can't get passed that.
  6. Loved this review, but I really have to go back to this sentence. Personally, I think this a lesson that is not immediately apparent, and is a hard truth for many of us. In sandbox you hoard, in story mode you have to move on. This isn't something that many people feel comfortable with, in life and in the game.
  7. That's true, I usually only write if I have extra time by the fire
  8. I don't like either, I prefer the lookout! I'ts close enough to fishing, there is no loading screen when you enter and exit, and the best part of all... The view!
  9. I always liked that it "Ran out the clock" when I wrote in the journal, mostly because it felt like I wasn't writing for my character, my character was writing to me. The text was in his time, not mine. He had to take the time to write it, and had to make the decisions accordingly. It fits with the game's theme of permanent choices.
  10. View from the Dam, overlooking the Winding River connector!
  11. Got it, I'll have to look out for that during my travels
  12. *gets attacked by three wolves in a row, at 9% condition* "Aaagggghhh, that smarts a bit"