interloper hammer and saw?


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So every time I have played Interloper I have always found both the hacksaw and the hammer (or died trying) my current playthrough I have hit all the hotspots on all of the maps and have found 3 hacksaws, 2 bedrolls a can opener a few prybars but no hammer.

My question is the hammer guraenteed to spawn somewhere or sometime it doesnt spawn at all? I want to know if i should continue looking or quit..

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I've never found a hammer in DP on Interloper, either. 

In my experience the most common spots for hammers on Interloper are:


- workbench in the lower part of Carter Hydro Dam

- the lookout in ML

- the red barn in PV

- quonset gas station 


Most games contain a hammer in at least 2-3 out of these four locations. Besides, there are also occasional hammer spawns inside cars, near other workbenches or inside the TWM summit plane tail section. :winky:

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I think this is pretty much common knowledge so I don't even consider this a spoiler...............

Pretty much ANYWHERE you find a workbench....... you have a good opportunity to find a hammer or saw under, around, or nearby in the general area!.

Yes, there are a few other places totally away from workbenches, .............but the majority are around workbenches.

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