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  1. Would glasses/goggles change what is seen on screen? I find that a lot of bad weather or overcast can become a bit depressing and I quite look forward to the bright blue sky days.
  2. v1.27 fixed it for me. Loaded my 500 day run, went outside and performed a mapping action. Immediately got the achievement. Hooray!!
  3. It's well worth it if only for the 3D movement which is akin to flying. But when I started playing the game it was as if they had read through the wish lists for other games and tried to incorporate those ideas. An example: you can make a picture frame, stick it on a wall and populate it with a screen shot.
  4. This did not seem to affect Subnautica which for me has a much higher replayability than TLD story mode.
  5. Damn shame too. Day 500 ambients in CH range from about -25°C to -40°C. Take off another ten degrees for PV. I'd like to gradually take off another twenty to thirty degrees and reduce the window for the warmest part of the day. Make every region the same. I wanna be a popsicle by day 100. I think @Scyzara still has the record for the coldest felt temp - something like -105°C - and she's held that for waaayy too long.
  6. Please let me set the rate to continually decrease average temperature until I freeze to death somewhere.
  7. You're lucky. I always completely forget about stims despite the fact I'm always carrying one. I can only ever remember using one once.
  8. mystifeid


    On frozen ice perhaps?
  9. Just found my third hammer here.
  10. Once I was hunting wolves in Mystery Lake. Letting them charge me. I missed one and it took a decent bite out out of me. Headed back to the Camp Office and was very close when another one saw me. Something possessed me to take it on too but I blew it again. Somehow I managed to lurch into the door with my health at 1%. I had plenty of bandages for the attacks but not enough antiseptic or Old Man's Beard dressings so wounds became infected. It took about a week of staying inside before my health got back to 100%.
  11. mystifeid

    What do?

    Is there some advice somewhere that the next episode/s will take you into these existing regions? Not exploring them until more content is released also means you can't play challenges.