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  1. You don't have to have the "society" aspect of the game. It would merely be a game "option" that you could choose if you wished! Problem solved! Those who want to still play the solitary version, still could.
  2. I have always believed that the way to solve the "long term" survival aspect of this game is to introduce "TRADE" into the game. With the elements of the story mode, you have EVERYTHING YOU NEED to make this game fun and interesting long term (over 1000 days or more). Here's what I would do if I were the king/queen of Hinterlands: Your GOAL would be to "purposely" live in the wilderness and create and thrive on your own personal homestead by choice. 1. I would make the town of Milton fully functional complete with interactive citizens and a fully functional and fully stocked trading
  3. Can't please everybody!!! And based on the fact that you're not even willing to give survival mode a chance..... it's all on you, not TLD! Buh bye!! Happy New Year all!!!!
  4. I guess it's true that "good things come to those who wait!"
  5. I just went into Steam to see how many hours I've played "The Long Dark". I was stunned to find out that I've played 1628 hours!!! If you break that down by what I paid for the game which I believe was $19.95, that means I've paid 1.25 pennies per hour for this game I just love!!! I feel guilty for all this fun I've had for so little investment! Just think of the times we've all gone to the movies and paid $25.00 for 2 tickets, $5.00 for a soda, and $7.00 for buttered popcorn!!! That's $37.00 for a 2 hour movie that might be good, or might be crap!! But it's still over $18.00 per hour
  6. Thanks ChillPlayer for the recognition. It's always nice to get a little notice once in awhile for small contributions to the game. One of the things that I've always been impressed with about with Hinterlands, was their willingness to seriously consider suggestions made by its loyal patrons, on ways to improve the game. I've never experienced that interaction with ANY other game creator in over 20 years of gaming. The Sea to Summit New Years Challenge, which I'm told is the basis for the Hopeless Rescue Challenge, I'm proud to say is actually my second suggestion that made it into
  7. No Disrespect meant to you Mixxut, but I guess I'd rather have the person who created the challenge, Stormwolf, make that call!
  8. Ok ..... well I'm on day 2 so it's (cabin fever) not an issue yet.
  9. I'm assuming that if you survive long enough to get "cabin fever" you can at least go outside the front door of the dam and make a fire to sleep next to as long as you don't collect anything outside the dam, right? I've have gone out 1 time into the front yard area of the dam to check out the "Northern Lights" ..... got some great pics!
  10. So Stormwolf, let me see if I've got this right!.................... We can ONLY consume food we find inside the dam! And we can only make water from melting snow inside the dam that right??? And once we're in the dam, we can't leave? And if we spawn away from the dam on Mystery Lake, you must go there immediately and not collect ANYTHING along the way, correct??? If that's right, it sounds like an interesting challenge. Just might have to give it a try!
  11. Ahhhh Grasshoppa ... (From the old Kung Fu tv show, for those who still remember) ..... First rule of wilderness survival is to always be aware of the condition of your survival equipment! Hinterlands has graciously provided us with the condition level of all equipment, clothing, and food in the game. Who's fault is it if we don't pay attention to that information!
  12. Hi Stray Cat, and welcome to the forums. Many of the suggestions you've mentioned have been discussed "at length" over the years, and have been implimented into the game by Hinterlands which has evolved into the game we have today. Many of your suggestions were incorporated into "Interloper" mode, which in itself, is still a rather new mode of game play which was introduced a year or so ago. You will find in Interloper, clothes don't keep you as warm, the weather is much harsher, and the resources are VERY scarce, and I believe healing time is much slower as well. I do see your point
  13. Right now, about the only way I can see my incumbered backpack weight is to "pause" the game, and pull out my handheld magnifying glass that I keep next to the keyboard just for this reason. As mentioned before, A yellow (and perhaps a size bigger) font would be much easier to read. Other than that, not much to complain about..... love the new changes and new map in sandbox. Haven't tried the story mode yet....waiting for a time when I have the entire day to myself rather than just an hour or two so I can get totally immersed!
  14. Please forgive me if this has been discussed before. I've been away for a bit. I'm having a VERY hard time reading the weight of my backpack. The dark red (incumbered) font color is almost impossible to see against the black of my screen. Is anyone else having this problem??? I would suggest perhaps a yellow color that stands out a little more instead. Thanks all!
  15. Let's see................. A Vegan on Interloper I give about 2 weeks tops if everything goes well!! But would actually be fun to give it a try. But SOMEBODY needs to make the rules simple! I simply suggest ABSOLUTELY no eating or ANY OTHER USE of Animals or animal parts including for clothing, weapons, or other crafting! If you want to try to starve yourself to last longer, so be it! It will eventually catch up with you. Make the contest/challenge for EACH DIFFICULTY LEVEL! Come post your results when done!! I'm going to give it a shot on Interloper!