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  1. I've seen both. I only remember the old one. So, I suppose that makes it better by default
  2. Weird. I've lost more than a few bears that way. If the weather changes (for instance) while inside all the animals will respawn and your bear will disappear. If you're outside when that happens the animal will be forced to stay as the player can still see it.
  3. Welcome to the forums @Erutor That particular bunker at the transition between Timberwolf Mountain and Pleasant Valley is a constant feature. It will appear in every game to give players a staging area before changing maps.
  4. Also note that Hinterlands has an internal testing pipeline too that updates proceed through. They've recently expanded their in-house testing by hiring new QA testers in the past few months.
  5. You're OK as long as you don't load a new map. So cars are OK but going inside a building interior is NOT.
  6. Excellent question! I have no idea. I've been too busy to play lately and it has been a long time since I found a bunker...
  7. I think most folks on the forum started that way I think I originally came on here to get some advice about... crafting? I'm going to go with crafting. Or else looking for details of the new area that was announced (Pleasant Valley). Both are equally likely.
  8. Take all the time you need @SnowWalker. We'll be here for you.
  9. I also miss the brand. I'm sure there's a reason for removing it. I just wonder what it was...
  10. Disorientation was the main reason it was wish listed. As it is, if you know the maps well enough, you can safely go anywhere you want just by pointing in the correct direction and pushing up. You will never change your bearing. Contrast this to a real storm (or any situation with reduced visibility) and everything from wind gusts to having one leg millimetres longer than the other will make you start going in circles.
  11. Welcome to the forums @Barbed_Wire'99 With water being so plentiful as it is I don't see 2L sodas adding much to the game.
  12. Welcome to the forums @Concerned Survivor and @Euphemism And I would add to your comment @Pillock that the opposite is done as well
  13. Welcome to the forums @Naia And best of luck getting some sleep @Ahatch!
  14. But for those few moments you were floating on cloud 9? Was your survivor lighter than air? Or perhaps have a sinking feeling? Was there some bad granola in the plane that resulted in a bad trip? I'll stop now.
  15. That was extremely foolish of him. It's like the tourists in Banff trying to walk up to Grizzlies.
  16. Welcome to the forums @Aly Salama While I'm not familiar with that particular bear's route a useful way to hunt bears is to find a location they can't reach you in and shoot them from there. Even with a non-critical hit as long as the bear is bleeding it will eventually die. On the coastal highway I like hunting from beside cars because I can jump in when the bear charges me and sleep for 6-8 hours to run out the bleed clock. It usually works although it's been a few updates since I last played so take that advice with a grain of salt
  17. cekivi

    Basic Bed

    Very true. I'd be nice if you could make a bough mattress for an emergency bed but that's definitely something for a whish list. Also, yes, sleeping in a chair or other "non-bed" furniture should definitely confer some penalty but still be doable.
  18. I'm partial to whichever place is the least hassle to play on a map. The locations I've spent the most time in have been the mountaineer's cabin, Quonset, Mystery Lake Camp Office, and Pleasant Valley Farmhouse. Normally because I enjoy wandering around the map and these locations are all fairly central when transitioning zones. Wolves aren't too bad for me since I haven't played Interloper or Stalker in a long time.
  19. Welcome to the forums @angryfurious. Hopefully you give TLD another shot. Getting used to wolves is definitely the biggest learning curve in the game.
  20. True but it would require tons of work. It would make a nice future spin off game. For instance, one with top down 2D graphics.
  21. Cremation of Sam McGee was actually written by Robert Service. It's one of my favourite poems.
  22. welcome to the forums @InfurlteTurtles