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  1. yeah even with these setting there is just way to many animals. The point of my settings would be to actually having to explore and hunt for animals. But I have no problem just eating rabbits and wolves.. and they respawn so fast that I only have to explore a very small area.. and I'm not even hunting deer yet! Hope they can fix this soon..
  2. First off LOVE the custom settings! getting rid of major irritations in the game has brought me back to the game again! But my question is on the reduced population over time setting and how that actually works.. I'm setting up a game where the difficulty is with hunting and food gathering. and allowing larger range of exploration with slower freezing rate. Some of the settings I'm using are.. Calorie Burn rate - very high freezing rate - medium at rest condition recovery - low all wildlife population - low wildlife respawn - low The concept is you cant starve yourself during the day and just lose condition and eat a good meal before bed and gain most of it back. You now have to actually eat more calories to maintain your health. The problem is even with all wildlife at low and low respawn there is just to many out there.. I dont really have to go "look" for food.. deer are respawning way to fast. So how does the Reduce wildlife population over time setting work? Does the population just eventually reduce down to 0? Does the population reduction happen globally or per map basis? as in if enough hunting happens in a map they just will stop respawning or very slowly respawning?
  3. that or a post meant to be as a joke sailed right over someones head?
  4. I know how to deal with wolves, I can turn myself invisible and crouch walk all over the place (doesn't get much better and exciting then crouch walking at a snails pace!) and once I craft a bow I can drop bait and slaughter them by the 100s and the hordes just keep coming and coming. the problem is not that I cant deal with wolves its just dealing with them is not fun. I dont play the game anymore because of the wolves it just is an irritation rather then a fun challenge. Before you guys made interloper we where asking for a custom setting with slider bars. that way we could of tweaked things like wolf aggression and re-pawn rate along with other things like weather and available resources etc. if you guys would of done that rather then interloper we wouldn't be having this conversation (and I still would be playing your game) But here we are..
  5. I wonder if Hinterland read this article and didnt know it was satire when designing the game.. http://www.theonion.com/article/study-wolf-attacks-still-leading-cause-of-death-in-32170
  6. hungry wolves do not attack humans so we are right back to fictitious. Pilgrim is way to easy. the problem is there are so many wolves it makes the game just irritating. forcing people to crouch walk all over the place is a bad game mechanic. and then when you get a bow or gun and you kill off all the wolves in an area in just a few days the horde of wolves are back. the never endless supply of zombies is not a good game mechanic for a game that the devs have said is not a zombie game
  7. I can sit around watching TV or playing games all day (doing no physical activity at all) and still i'm tired at the end of the day to still get 7-8 hours of sleep. If you are awake for long enough your going to be tired and sleep. the current sleep system is a fix to a problem that didnt need fixing. Who really cares if someone plays the game and just sleeps all day? seems like a pretty boring way to play but if someone wants to do that then why should I or anyone else care?
  8. you should also not recoup health if you are in a starving state. Can maybe make a body weight and once you start dropping weight you go into a starving state and progressively get less energy, slow health regeneration or non at all if you keep starving yourself.. would be a good way to balance the game and make it harder, or they can just balance it with more zombie wolves like they usually do..
  9. I play stalker and interloper. exactly my point. TLD has "infected" wolves just like other zombie games have "infected" dogs..
  10. I do want the game harder but throwing hordes of wolves makes the game less fun. Get rid of magic warm houses, fix the calories needed, make hunting harder etc. are all ways to make the game harder and it keeps with a survival game.. throwing zombies at us is not the game i'm looking for. Simple as that. If I want to play a zombie game, there are much better zombie games out there. (and this game with the wolves is a zombie game) People begged for slider bars for a custom settings. if they did that problem solved.. unfortunately we got interloper.
  11. Downloaded the new update after not playing for months. Played for a good 30ish min and noticed the mindless zombie horde (wolves) are still as prevalent as ever. Shut the game off and will try again in 3-4 months for the next update.. Its to bad the game has such potential.
  12. the more crafting the better... but they are going to have to get rid of the glass tools. just think how many hatchets you would go through building a cabin with the current system
  13. The whole hunting mechanic is just irritating. Shoot a deer in the body and it just runs like a spaz crisscrossing its trail over and over again so making it impossible to follow a blood trail. What should happen is the deer bolts off and runs a distance and then beds down.. if it is not a vital shot it will take hours to die.. if you come up on it and its still alive it can bolt again. It should run slower if it is wounded making it easy pray for wolves.. so do you sneak up and try to get another shot in before a wolf finds it and devourers most of it or wait for it to die so you dont spook it into a wolf area? But how it is now just running like crazy is not a good game mechanic..
  14. yeah i dont play the game anymore because of the wolves
  15. Turning tools into a consumable is not the answer to make the game harder. Go with real consumables like food and firewood to balance the difficulty. Make hunting a much more intricate part of the game, and get rid of magic warm houses are 2 logical tweaks to balance the difficulty. Plastic tools break the realism