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Positive things raise the morale . like

+ Hunting success

+ make fire

+ crafting items

+ found things

+ shiny day

+ hot coffee

+ consume good food

+ consume chocolate

and negative things lowers the morale

- starvation

- hunting miss

- broken tool

- blizzard

- consume "old" meat

- wounds

- the same food any day

- predator meat

- and more


positive morale result

+ faster walking

+ more fatigue

+ more package to burden

+ need less sleep



- lowers all positive effects

- and at the end... suicide!


The player is forced to action. No more starvation/sleep camps. And it is more realistic. Our morale is our main engine.

And i wish MUCH more feedback from my Avatar for this things. A cray of joy if you hunt down your first deer. Comments to the Weather or by break tools. and much more.


Oops my Accu is near empty. More next :-)

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I actually like this idea.

I was thinking of something akin to this but a "comfort"  level. It'd be a bar to manage like hydration, calories, body temp, and energy level.

Some things increase the rate more than others.
Being indoors on sunny days lowers comfort, being outdoors any time (except blizzards) increases it. Being outdoors on a sunny day increases it quicker (see how this could tie in with Cabin Fever?).
Eating until full increases it a bit.

But...I'm pretty sure I'm overthinking things and something like that would probably not appeal to most.

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3 hours ago, cekivi said:

This isn't quite the same topic as my earlier post so I won't merge them but I do recommend checking out my January topic on the pros and cons of a morale system:


Yes, you're right.

I don't have read the whole Forum.

I won't "occupie" your Idea. :-)

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On 28.5.2016 at 0:38 AM, knightjoke said:

what suicide? never!

Well, a total neglection of any status bar will eventually lead to death - starvation, dehydration and so on. So naturally, a morale bar that hasn't been raised for a pretty long time should naturally result in death too? Maybe not 'hard' suicide by gunshot or running off a cliff or eating granola bars. Maybe just... you know, refusing to go on. Becoming slower and slower and more demotivated and at the end just saying 'Yeah, screw this, I'm gonna stay here, in this blizzard, fall asleep and never wake up again. I'm better off this way anyway.'

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 I'm also of the mentality that suicide would never be an option.

Better to die in pain fighting to survive than to give up "peacefully." Or whatever. 

 Suicide is for weak minded people who give up. Sorry to sound like a jerk.

 I have someone very close who did that and I still don't forgive them for that. 

 So, suicide is never an option.  Period. 

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That being said, I believe the truely important thing about a dear person committing suicide is not to accuse yourself (or anyone else) for being unable to prevent it, as hard as this may be. The dead have moved on and are out of our reach, it is thus primarily the wellbeing and the inner peace of the living ones (including ourselves) we can - and need to - care about most in such dreadful situations. At least that's what personal experience has tought me.

Regarding TLD:

At the end of my leaderboard run (when I had grown very emotionally attached to my character after about 780 days), I actually wished I could have killed her in a somehow "humane" way to be honest. Instead, I had to have her torn apart by a wolf which was pretty heartbreaking to watch for me. The alternative (having her starve or freeze to death) was even more horrible, hence I chose the wolf. I don't know, maybe I'm somehow special in this regard due to my profession (or personal background), but I would very much welcome a possibility to kill my character in a somehow fast and painless way. 

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I agree... I have yet to last over a year but Ive made it at least halfway through before unintentionally freezing to death.... I reached a point where I personally thought.... Should I even continue pushing forward? Itd be nice to not have to throw yourself off a cliff or something just to give your character a (possibility of) painless death

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