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  1. yes they used adrenaline shot pretty quick "pretty" haha
  2. what if its not dry it has been snowing and raining on last campfire (outside) it will be difficult right? sounds good for inside cabins
  3. +1 for making arrow head,, crafting for all work stations
  4. costal highway, mystery lake and pleasant valley you can use it
  5. knightjoke

    Morale System

    you should forgive the person
  6. bring beer or stronger alcohol in the game and molotovs for killing wolfs haha fired up
  7. +1 for you for giving 1+ for the long text haha
  8. i waas thinking hash plants but dont think its possible haha
  9. ... its gonna be interesting what you think will happen?
  10. I like that name well done. What do you think about meeting a dog in a cabin with an npc/person or in story mode? (Wastelander)
  11. what about in story mode we meet an npc/person/man/lady who have a hunter dog 1+