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  1. You drop them on the ground?? Then they probably glitched through the floor and teleported to said box... Otherwise it'd just be gone
  2. So turns out switching through the sorting does work just fine... Never would have initially thought to try that.. Thanks again... The survival continues, full steam ahead.
  3. Thanks for the tip I'll have to try that out next time.... As it stands if that doesn't work I'll just make sure anytime I craft ammo I'll be getting off the game anyway that way when I'd come back everything would be as it should in the first place... But we'll see what happens
  4. Try crouching before leaving the gas station.... Sure its rough moving so slowly but at least you can effectively avoid the wolves
  5. Has noone else come across the crafting blueprint issue that I have had.... As I stated earlier upon shutting down, and reloading today, everything was back to normal. But as I suspected upon returning to the cannery and crafting more bullet tips, the same exact thing happened. Just curious if I am the only one so far??
  6. Update: After turning the xbox off and sleeping on what happened, I figured I could surely find some antibiotics and just not use the bow or arrows... But alas, upon reloading I opened my inventory menus and scrolled over. There they are.... All the available blueprints.. Thank goodness... Will continue testing with ammo crafting to see if this happens regularly or not
  7. Was actually fixing to make plenty of rounds, rifle and revolver. Only problem now is there seems to be a bug once you go into ammo crafting, that's it. No other crafting options become available.. Only bullets, gunpowder, etc. Pretty rough considering I'm currently trying to get rid of parasites and I need the tea to do so. Kind of a game break, really... I'd hate to die like this, soooo I'm gonna take a small hiatus, till it's fixed, I guess. That being said, it's been a long time since I've strolled through TLD, let alone the forums and wanted to say congratulations on everything you guys have accomplished so far!! Hinterland is by far one of my favorite dev teams! This game has evolved so much over the years and I'm happy to say I got to be even a small part of it earlier on in Game Preview. On Xbox One by the way
  8. Cool beans, bummed I got kicked from the game to update after hitting the dashboard button. But things are continuing to look up PS you can still mend clothes in the dead of night whilst inside vehicles... Pro tip till fixed
  9. I can personally attest to this as well, new build, stalker mode, not able to craft the bow or arrow shafts.. Have everything required. Aside from this one bug weve discovered, you guys are doing wonderful!! I havent played in awhile and its really nice seeing this game come along as far as it has, kudos!
  10. Wow so the flashlight is only useful for when the aurora is happening which is currently bugged, good to know, now i can just drop this and practically forget about it lol.. Its been fun getting back into everything since the full release
  11. My personal gripe is the fact I cant play for more than an hour MAYBE before the game crashes and I have to worry if its gonna be corrupt or not and start completely over
  12. Like 70 or 75%... As far as the time goes it was sticks for fuel so 1 minute is what the burn time starts
  13. So to start this off let me just say, it has been some time since my last dive into The Long Dark and my have things changed. (Which is good!) I'm currently just trying to reacclimate myself with everything, that being said I have been in Mystery Lake and haven't thoroughly tested this bug possibility but anyways thats what were here for so lets cut to the chase. I retrieved a magnifying lens and wanted to go fishing, so I headed out onto Mystery Lake (from the Camp Office) and I went inside the fishing hut that is closest to the camp office side of the lake AFTER passing the little island in the middle of the lake. This fishing hut had the door on it this run. I go inside close the door behind me and proceed to attempt to start a fire in the stove, FAIL. Try again, FAIL. Okay its nothing to big a deal. Try again, this time the fire meter filled up. I get my fire starter skill up, Astrid says whatever she says for succeeding then I immediately hit A and go to add more fuel... Nope. No fire. Curiosity peaked. I tried another time or two and failed normally. Then, once again, just like before, the fire meter fills, she says yay for having a fire, I get the skill increase, and the fire goes out before I get to add any fuel. All the while losing tinder and fuel. The only solace I took from it was I increased to Fire Starter level 2 before I decided to use a match and it worked no problem just like it usually does. Like I said I have yet to test this more cause I was kinda losing my patience, starving and dehydrating. I didnt think I'd be spending the day just trying to light a fire rather than fish and get some water. So as far as I know its only happened in the one fishing hut in ML that I described above. Oh and I am on the current Version .393
  14. Just in time for my bday today... If only microsofts approval was instantaneous... Super excited
  15. Its probably story mode aspects... And I feel as if we need not worry about such things... Story mode is on its way but theyre trying to make it well... Feel authentic... I feel like the scenarios in this vid WILL be making the cut (dont quote me on that cause I dont KNOW for sure) but its only a couple examples.. Have faith