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  1. In one of my recent games I was based in the lighthouse. When I broke down the table across from the bed, the radio just stayed there floating. It only happened once and I haven't broke that table down in any other games.
  2. I've built a few log homes (60-90 year old cedars from BC, not doug fir) and they will always shrink and crack, creating drafts. Call the chinkers! Agree with shelter wear and repair (ESPECIALLY freeze/thaw cycles in early spring and late autumn when seasons are a thing) and simple shelter building, would be really cool to see. Obviously the logistics could become a nightmare if too much stuff is required for sufficient repairs, and the map is sucked dry. As has been said, I would like to see a sloooow decay during the winter and summer months, easily kept up with. However if you let it get away from you, becomes much more difficult.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Scyzara I think you are absolutely right about the downhill speed staying the same until you stop walking. That's probably exactly what I've been experiencing, just failing to realize that the hills were increasing my speed. As I've noticed, my speed will also slow down whenever I stop to harvest a cattail, mushroom, etc.
  4. My playstyle is to live in an area for a short while, and looting everything (excessive hoarder ), then bring all of the loot from that area back to my "base" area. I've experienced the movement speed issue traveling between Coastal Highway to both PV and DP maps. However it doesn't seem to be limited to just cave areas. Seemingly any interior I enter while at 100+ lbs, even when at max fatigue condition, my movement speed is affected greatly, by at least half. Maybe this is by design? As my character would be less concerned with covering ground while in a safe place?
  5. Also... I would like a monte cristo with poutine, please, sir. At least the poutine. C'mon.
  6. I have definitely noticed (playing on Xbox) a difference in movement speed between interiors and exteriors. I'm the type that usually goes with a heavy load for transporting goods from one area to another. I'll have a load of around 100 lbs, moving at a regular clip while outside, then immediately upon entering an interior, moving at a snail's pace at best. I've done a 'small' amount of testing and it seems like this happens every time upon entering an interior with a heavy load, sometimes even in exteriors, randomly going from regular walking speed to extreeeeeeemely slow. Wind and fatigue acounted for. Moving in the same direction as the wind at absolute maximum condition, this still happens to me. It's only a true issue in cave areas, when I cannot see without light and am moving slow enough to worry about fuel supply running low. I'm not sure if this is by design, or if this topic belongs in the bug forums. Any feedback appreciated.
  7. Agree with Zambudjo 100%, you will learn to love the bow as your primary hunting tool, given the time to learn it. Try to imagine a reticule based on the arrowhead, and where your bow meets the bottom of your screen.
  8. I really feel the need to say this as a new (ish) player. I love you guys for the things that you do, and the support that you give. There is simply no gaming community that can compare to this. There is a reason this game has such a following. Keep doing exactly what you are doing, and congratulations on your success, well deserved, more to come.
  9. Honestly, these skills could all be realistically implemented into the game; knapping, forging, etc. Give these craftsman skills a low base value. 0-10? Maybe different starting characters would have different backgrounds, one being adept at certain skills and less experienced with others. I mean obviously, Boston123, you would be more proficient with forging and blacksmithing (I disgrace my last name ) than I in a survival situation, because you have more knowledge, I would have to learn to the best of my ability. Being a tradesman myself, I know these things are absolutely NOT "rocket science". Also I'm sure, most people would give it their best shot in a survival situation, no matter what they already know, with whatever resources are available (humans are pretty damn impressive). Perhaps make the crafting time take muuuuch longer/more calories/more morale implications (if morale gets added to the game, which I think would be extremely interesting) for those lacking sufficient skill. Different starting skills would also add an extra difficulty multiplier and a serious layer of realism. Gotta start somewhere. School of hard knocks, the way I learned my trade (granted, with a master). Books could help with improving your skill to a certain (low) level (maybe most characters start with a "0" in forging skill, and require the book to even have the slightest chance of success), and everything else is just trial and error, with limited results. This is why play testing and early access are awesome. Trial and error.
  10. Great ideas, would really like to see bone marrow as an option (maybe using the bone fragments in crafting somehow), it's actually reeaaaalllly tasty if you ask me.
  11. Has anyone tried shooting an arrow straight up into the air?
  12. Claysmiff1702

    More safes

    A gun safe might be a cool addition. Maybe a place for the revolver when it's implemented?
  13. I jumped off the trestle bridge (imagining head first) after my first year long play through. Lol