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  1. I think we should add a creative mode for people who just want to explore the map and don't want to worry about freezing or being hungry/thirsty or even if they just want to play with all the different items in the game. So we should just add a creative mode where you can spawn any item/animal can you also make it so u can eat and drink cause some people enjoy the ASMR of the eating and drinking.
  2. TyTheFly

    Animal calls

    1. Im very sorry man but its not meese its moose And this does seem smart but I could see how players could exploit this and just spam it for a bear or wolf and farm it so they never have to starve
  3. TyTheFly


    I hate to be a downer but this would take a talented black smith which Will and Astrid are not just for example look at the improvised knife/Hatches all it is a sharpend peice of metal.
  4. maybe Will/Astrid is not strong enough lol
  5. Yea they should add this because you can even stop smash opening a can
  6. Im not sure if this is the right area to be asking about this but i know last update they where talking about merch and maybe they restocked it and i missed out but I would really like a restock on merch (I really want a hinterland mug) does anyone know why there isnt a constant supply?
  7. Yea i guess I could see the serving issue but I would think it would be like drinking water you drink untill your thirst is all the way up or you drink all you can but I guess water gliches to because sometimes i get 0.00 gal
  8. yea also I am not a ammunation genius or a crafting expert and I am not trying to be mean to hinterland at all but at the work benches there is a vise wouldnt that be able to work as a makeshift ammunation press?
  9. yes but it should also give you the warming up effect
  10. I wish we could also just drink out of the flask instead of haveing to take the drink out
  11. TyTheFly


    Hate to be the downer but lets say they did add this. Yes tortillas could be made from the flour and water. If we had to use a meat or a viriaty like rabbit, deer, moose etc would we need to a knife to prepare ground meat or would there be a whole different appliance. Now the most critical part you search a picture of tacos you see a variety of veggies and cheese. So either they would have to add farming which would not make a whole lot of sense or they would have to add a ton more canned veggies and cheese.
  12. I guess I could see what you mean about the mittens and that but in my opinion its a lot more immersive
  13. this could actuallty work but I hope they make the heavy hammer more common
  14. im on xbox cant mod so i was unaware