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  1. That could be cool. They could make a new affliction for that. Wet - The player character is wet due to having submerged themselves in the waters of a hot spring. Increased heat loss and increased risk of hypothermia until you dry yourself up. Of course this affliction would only be given to you if you submerged yourself sufficiently inside the hot spring's waters, and its negative effects will only come into effect once you exit the water. To counteract the Wet affliction: Just wait on a dry surface for your character to dry up. Heat (like from a fire) helps speed up the proce
  2. Perhaps they do cringe at the idea of that, but as shown in the Story mode's first act, right after your plane crash lands, at least McKenzie will sleep on the floor if necessary. At the very beginning when you've found no bedroll or bed yet and you're inside of that small cave, McKenzie did in fact just lie down on a bunch of leaves that's been arranged into a makeshift "bed" and then took a nap. He slept on the ground on top of a bunch of leaves. He had no bedroll and no bed, just his makeshift leaf bed and a fire to keep him warm. And while the leaves might be slightly more comfortable than
  3. An alternative to using boats to get to the island would be a land bridge made of ice. It is very cold out there, so why not? This Land Bridge would be a transition zone that exists between some Great Bear coastal region and the Little Bear island. Now what could be inside this transition zone to make it interesting? Well, one thing I can think of is ship wreckages. You could find abandoned, broken husks of ships which you can enter and explore. The ships would not only provide valuable shelter, but also good loot. To encourage exploration of the ships, and to make the crossing more difficult,
  4. Or instead of making whole new ailments, they could just exclude ailments inflicted by timberwolves from triggering an autosave, and like you said just make it autosave at key points of the engagement (e.g. when morale breaks).
  5. I love that idea. Perhaps the story could be that the Survivor went out on a hunting trip, but then a series of unfortunate events (e.g. bear chase and blizzards) caused them to end up somewhere they don't recognize and they summarily got lost in the wilderness. Having no idea of where they are, and perhaps having lost some of their navigational gear (like their compass and maps), they wandered off in some random direction in search of food and shelter. Luckily after a few days they finally did find shelter inside an abandoned building, and in this building was also a lot of supplies. Sup
  6. Well... with that heavy backpack on your back it would be very difficult to do that. So they'd have to limit how much you can carry with you when you climb over, otherwise your character would get sprains and such. But I think that could be interesting!
  7. As I mentioned, there would be containers (e.g. a chest or a locker), doors and gates that are locked and kept shut with chains. A prybar would not be useful against chains, but a bolt cutter would.
  8. Well... the pry bar also doesn't have any use other than opening locked doors and containers does it? The different types of tools have different uses. There are those that open up doors and containers, and there are those that are used for harvesting corpses and materials. I think it's perfectly fine that way. The bolt cutters and the pry bar would be the only tools to open up doors and containers, but they cannot be used for harvesting corpses and materials like... say, the hatchet can.
  9. Hmmm... perhaps the bolt cutters could instead be more similar to the pry bar. There could be many containers, doors and gates that are locked up with a chain, which you would need the bolt cutters for - no need to limit it to just one or two gates. Then there would also have to be multiple bolt cutters in the game world, not just one. They could populate all the current regions with containers, doors and gates like these that are locked with chains.
  10. That would be perfect, if they made us able to just step over small obstacles like rocks and debris that you sometimes get stuck, even though it looks as though you should be able to just walk over it.
  11. Well that begs the question: Why do the bolt cutters exist at all, then? Why introduce the player to an item that they will only use once - an item that has no use anywhere else or in any other gamemode? They should've much rather introduced the player to the hacksaw right from the start, then. But since the bolt cutters exist now, why not give it some use in Survival mode? They could make up some excuse about the hacksaw not being strong/sharp enough to cut through the chain - that only this bolt cutter can. I love that idea! There are elevators, so why not put them to use? To
  12. The Bolt Cutters item would be right at home in the Survival game mode. Just like the keypad-locked door at the Last Resort Cannery requires you to trek across the map to a radio tower to get the combination to open the door, the Bolt Cutters could be used similarly. Be it in an already existing region or in an entirely new region, the Bolt Cutters could be used as the "key" for getting into an area that is inaccessible due to it being behind a locked gate. You could even put the Bolt Cutters in a region far away from the location that it grants access to, meaning that the player will have to
  13. 1. Add "Very Low" difficulty tuning. Sometimes I would like to turn something down just a little bit more. 2. Some settings miss a "Very High" difficulty tuning. For example: "World Gets Colder Over Time", "Wind Variability", "Aurora Frequency", "Empty Container Chance Modifier", "Harvestable Plant Availability", "Reduce Container Item Density", "Reduce Wildlife Population Over Time", "Scent Increase From Meat/Blood", "Wolf Fear", "Timberwolf Morale", "Struggle Bonus", "Struggle Condition Damage Modifier", "Struggle Clothing Damage Modifier". While some of these settings probably don't ne
  14. Rolling sounds like it would be very clumsy and take a lot of effort to do with that heavy backpack on your back.
  15. I love the idea of bear traps. These would be placeable like Snares, but would be more useful against bigger wildlife. It would still kill rabits, but it could wound and cripple larger animals like deer, wolves, moose and bears. Some would die out within minutes due to blood loss, while others would get away with some injuries. It would take time to set up the trap, so no instantly setting it up in front of a wolf that is charging you. And the trap would have durability that it loses over time and each time it triggers. I also love the sound of better wolf attacks. They should fight more