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  1. Very true. And I feel that's an even bigger issue with survival mode. I tried it for a couple of hours before I gave up on it, because I realized right away that the key to survival is having advance knowledge of the locations and loot caches. I don't like to meta game in general and playing a new game which almost requires meta knowledge is kind of a let down. Essentially, survival mode without any prior knowledge boils down to: you're thrown in the middle of a frozen desert, you pick a random direction and you'll either get lucky to find a shelter with loot, or you die.
  2. Yes, that's another good example. In a game where you can sustain injuries and die from them, there shouldn't be invisible walls to block you from falling. It's just silly.
  3. Lots of good suggestions here. I just wanted to chime in on the general idea that because something is dangerous to do IRL, it somehow shouldn't be possible to do in a game. On the contrary. A survival game is a game of choices. Some choices are safe, others are risky and deadly, and they all add to the immersion. So if they allowed sleeping outisde directly on the freezing ice which would likely lead to death, that would still improve the game play by making it more freeform, as in "it's up to you what you want to try, we won't stop you or hold your hand by blocking that option". I
  4. Welll then, with the same logic you should have a problem with the existing sleep mechanic because the game already forces you to choose a predetermined duration of sleep. So when you choose 1 hour, how does the character 'know' to wake after one hour, if they are already cold or freezing? So the problem you're describing already exists in the game. If we take that logic to its extreme, we shouldn't even be able to select a duration of sleep, but just let the character sleep for however long, until rested, or until dead. That would be the realistic case. The OP is just asking for a l
  5. I'm not resurrecting the topic really, I just wanted to answer this person's very polite question. Afaik the SIMs isn't really a survival game and sleep isn't a core mechanic that's very important to the overall progress in the game, so IMO that's a poor comparison. On the other hand, Green Hell is a first-person survival game much like TLD, and it allows you to lie down and sleep anywhere even if you dont have a bed, at the risk of negatively affecting the character's sanity level as well as catching diseases. But that's a much more advanced survival simulator than TLD. (I highly rec
  6. I'll give you credit for changing from "I don't support this, end of discussion" to "yes, lie anywhere with high chance of death". That's quite open-minded of you. I'd say that 95% chance of death would render this pretty useless, and quite unrealistic if you have a fire going inside a shelter, but hey, even that would be a step in the right direction. Even that would make me go "hey, it's pretty cool that I can just lie down anywhere, let me see what happens if I do". It's like what the other person said about having the freedom to make your own decision whether you want to take the
  7. Thank you for explaining that better than I did. That exactly describes how I felt about the inconsistency in the resting mechanics. It just feels like an incomplete or missing feature. Sleeping on the floor would certainly come with significant disadvantages or debuffs like I mentioned before, so it would be used as a last resort, but it should be possible from a survival simulator standpoint. And if you sleep outside completely exposed, that would be really dangerous. You could either not wake up and freeze do death, or wake up to being mauled by a pack of wolves or worse... That
  8. I dont' remember asking for your support, or your rude comments. None of what you said is relevant to the issue I raised here. You clearly haven't played story mode, or haven't explored much to know that many buildings don't have beds. I would certainly prefer to sleep on the floor inside a warm place, instead of going out in the snow to make a shelter.
  9. Thanks for the tip I guess... but that doesn't address the issue I raised. Obviously I know I can carry a bedroll. And I did for much of the time. And I lost it a few times. It's just bad design to force the player to carry a non-craftable survival item without providing an alternate method for resting inside a warm place. No such recipe in my game. At least not in story mode. But even if there was, curing a bear hide takes more than 10 days, and finding a bear is rare. Right, so I can sleep inside a freezing cold car without any bedroll requirement,
  10. Yes, exactly. If the devs intentionally decided to prevent sleeping anywhere, because somehow that was the only way to achieve some specific balance and difficulty, that would be very disappointing and lacking creativity, and I hope that's not the case. Essentially it's like saying "we'll release an unfinished game because it strikes the right difficulty without a feature that would otherwise make sense to include". Difficulty and balance considerations should come AFTER deciding what mechanics to combine in a logical way that complete the game play experience. Here's the really crazy
  11. You are correct, it was off. I had no idea it had to be enabled separately. Thank you! To the devs - it's really unintuitive to have a separate on/off toggle for an action that has a key binding set by default, while the accessibility toggle is in the OFF state by default without somehow letting the player know. The game should just allow the player to remove the key binding if they want to turn it off, like most games do. Otherwise, the hotkey serves no purpose other than to confuse the player why it's not working. In fact, any key binding should be able to be cleared, which is curr
  12. Nothing happens when I hit the auto-move key. Tried rebinding it, and nothing.
  13. Why are those keys locked? The Esc key is inconvenient to use to exit menus in the game. I would like to bind the exit key, as I do in many other games, to one of my extra mouse keys. Also, F5 and F6 are too close to each other to use for save and load game. A few times now I've saved the game instead of loading it, and it messed me up. This is the first game i've played that doesn't allow rebinding those keys. Thanks!
  14. I mean with the same logic they could've restricted sleeping to just beds. We didn't have to have any bedrolls or snowshelters etc. The point is, that's an arbitrary restriction. Essentially you're saying "that's how they made it, so that's how it is". That's why I suggested that sleeping on the bare floor obviously woudln't be as good as sleeping in a bedroll, and could come with negative consequences. It may have a limit on how much rest you can gain from it, like say 25% of the full rest condition. There are many ways to do it and balance it for difficulty. So carrying a bedroll
  15. The inability to lie down and sleep on the floor is one of the few annoyances with the survival game play. I understand this isn't some advanced realistic survival sim, but this restriction just makes no sense in-game or IRL, no matter how you look at it. For example, I spend a lot of time at Jeremiah's home in Mystery Lake but I wasn't allowed to sleep or rest in there. That's just weird. Same with several other cabins and shelters. Of course it can be done in such a way that it doesn't render bedrolls obsolete. Maybe sleeping on the bare floor wouldn't be nearly as restorative and