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  1. "Very easy to get in Interloper" and then you go off to list things that don't make the game Interloper at all?? I still don't know if these posts of yours are supposed to be sarcasm or not
  2. I don't think there's much of a need to keep the mountaineers hut door shut in normal circumstances, you know when the wolf (or moose) patrol routes aren't altered by the player. Only when you've lured em in is it handy
  3. We have not had these for a while I think (?) but more importantly with Ash Canyon in the mix now it's interesting to see how the maps rank in everybodys books. You may include the (world-map-recognized) transition zones in the main list, or have separate one for them. Mine: 1. Hushed River Valley. Just beautiful and barren. Some fantasy aspects put aside, it is as close as the game can come to real survival. And even the magical glowing ice caves are pretty. 2. Timberwolf Mountain. Every building should be like Mountaineers Hut... and it is the ultimate "adventure map", I
  4. If there was a map without any indoor and semi-indoor locations + also lack of warm outdoor caves (as was the case in (most of) AC outdoor caves before it was patched post-Christmas)), then the bearskin bedroll could come to use. In that case, even when sleeping with fire and micro 1-2 hour sleep cycles and 100% clothing, there would always be a danger of fire going out or blizzard rolling or the colder morning temps in general. Then the bearskin would compensate a bit for the rate temp is going down. But even so, not by a big margin... and of course as said the thing detoriates very quickly,
  5. Bearskin bedroll is useless imo, it detoriates quickly yet doesn't really give that much of extra bonus for those outdoor sleeps... you usually want a fire anyway Now, this is a bit off the actual topic, but... the biggest fault of Interloper, IMO, is that it is possible to actually achieve this in the first place, you know being able to survive on a single region for hundreds if not thousands of days, with just ocassional visit to other regions. Sure, you may want to get the Crampons and tech packback and 1000 samplings from Ash Canyon or whatever, but you don't actually need to. Even t
  6. You don't have to heat indoors (except rarely at the very beginning when you have no clothes, but even then the beds usually are enough by themselves), because the indoor temps remain unrealisticly always the same and just barely below freezing even on Loper. In any As for the question, since As the Dead Sleep exists, I still consider Deadman as the 5th official difficulty setting... it should be anyway, it's worth it and is fairly widely loved by the community. Interloper will feel somewhat easy after it
  7. Yes I've been attacked twice in a fishing hut, but both times it was just barely past the treshold, while at the Mountaineers hut the wolf run all the way to the fireplace for attack
  8. Mistral


    And she would moan being hungry again after...
  9. Yes and the other fantasy effect of the Aurora is obviously the electricity turning on. The only region unaffected by that consideration is HRV Upon reflection I've also come to conclusion that perhaps Dysentery should be turn off too, because obviously in real life you could eat 99,9% of the snow / melted non-boiled snow without getting any harm whatsoever, other than the cooling down effect
  10. Re: my previous post, perhaps in hindsight the most logical/realistic take on wolfs would actually be having no regular wolves at all, so setting at "none". Timberwolves could either remain at "low" or even go as high as "high". This way you could theoretically mimic a real regional wolf population which is concentrated on specific area (Bleak Inlet) and which works in packs, rather than bunch of random lone wolfs roaming all around the Great Bear. Also, one could argue on having bears either on "low" or "none", because of the hibernation.
  11. You can never alter the settings to really reflect the reality, nor have I tested how this actually plays, but I went through every point and these were what I came up with, closest resembling hint of reality CODE: 8MVE-AQAO-HwtC-CsQU-eIIA Baseline resource availability - Low Starting time of the day - Random Starting weather - Random Indoor spawns permitted - No Survival monologue - No Length of the day multiplier - 1x Weather variability - Medium Blizzard frequency - Low World gets colder over time - Low Wind variability - Low Aurora frequency - Low Fire overc
  12. Really, really appreciate the update, for far future in particular. Here's the link to the survey, since it doesn't appear to show up on the forum post https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/thelongdark2021
  13. I find clearing Forlorn Muskeg (and now Ash Canyon, not to mention the other areas) of cattails to be very tiring in the end... especially on Interloper where you get million of them. But I still do it
  14. There are million pre-placed deer carcasses laying around early on, too, it makes sense to carve most of them. Even if you haven't found hacksaw yet the temperatures are so mild on early loper that you can easily wait until you can carve them with hands with stick-fire next to carcass. It will help towards getting very early game deer pants and boots too, as well as continually producing more water as byproduct while you do the carving
  15. No, the cat tails do not respawn. These do: - All animals - Sticks - Branches - Firewood limbs - Coal - Stones - Birch bark - Crow feathers - (Beachcombing items in CH, CRH, DP and BI)