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    More food

    Fruit and (most of) vegetables would be immediately rotten in apocalypse. Also, where would have the people even bought fruit? I mean there's a farmer market in PV and some grocery store / gas stations in the Bear but from where would they have imported fruits from
  2. Won't stick for me either, have to manually reset it every time
  3. Personally I don't think I am gonna bother with the Syrup/Chips badge now, slowly grinding on easy Voyager settings across potentially multiple saves and tens of hours doesn't sound like fun to me at all. I'll finish the 25 days badge (just passing time indoors due to no Cabin fever) and then go back to my regular Interloper & 600day Stalker I"m in love with the Noir filter though, that I am going to carry over to my other saves
  4. Mine: - Have to boil up water and can't eat snow. Especially annoying when the character voice says there is snow everywhere and can't eat it + that other lame line about drinking pee. It's just ludicrous. Les Stroud would laugh at this. You should be able to do it, and if you need a counter balance mechanic to it, eating snow could cool your body temperature down by x bit. Also boiling water would give you the same warming up bonus as the other hot drinks (as you should) so there would still be a benefit in making water - You can run literally everywhere in the snow and deep woods. How? In real life the snow cover would likely be up to 1 meter and you would literally have to crawl to move around. It would add for interesting gameplay mechanic if the snow levels were different in other regions. As further measure, snow shoes and/or skiing could be added as alternative method of moving around in deeper snow - Fires can last hours and hours and hours without restocking them in between. At least on the harder difficulty levels it should be that you can only burn like 1 hour of wood at the time, and then you have to put more in it before it goes out. Yes it would make quality of life a bit more tedious but you know, that's what would happen. Would prevent those 10-12 hour outdoor beauty sleeps too. - The indoor locations are too warm, most of them should be heated up first - Most of the indoor locations should be locked up and you should have to "break in" to get access - Strain system, as already discussed - Cabin fever is okay in terms of balancing the game, but doesn't make sense real survival wise - The horrendous voice acting lines, I've always had them turned down
  5. What do you mean? The magnifying glass does not degrade, so you can use it theoretically forever, right? And there's always going to be sticks around to burn, even if all of the rest of the island has been thrown to the fire.
  6. I too would love the indoor temperature adjustment option for Custom.
  7. I think your game may have bugged because it says 100% for me at 283 (in fact it did already at 279 IIRC)
  8. On youtube I watched Interloper-player starting WE and spawning at HRV. Within few game hours he already had excess amount of items and clothing without even exiting the region. With sleeping bag already in the starting gear, and those loot clothes found and equipped, you could have slept in the Ice Cave without having fire on
  9. It's my favorite region too, for the simple reason that it seems like the most realistic region of the game survival wise, as well as for being far bigger challenge than most, if not all of the other maps combined. Even the name of the map makes me smile, because it's by far the noisiest in the game thanks to million waterfalls I wish there were more areas like this in the game... As for your complains, I don't share your view on those as I prefer HRV to lack any man-made shelters. Besides, there's work bench just outside in the Milton entrance, very short walk from HRV. As for fishing, in theory I'd like for there to be opportunity to fish without the man-made hut, you know just from bare ice in the lake, but if we cannot have that then I prefer to leave it out. There's plenty to hunt and gather in HRV anyway-.
  10. Fine suggestions here, but most of them seem more like cautious evolution for the original game, not revolution if there was to be a sequel. And I believe that a future sequel should be set in a completely different location - a Desert for example. You would still have many of the same gameplay elements of TLD, you know sandstorms instead of blizzards, oasis instead of cabins, extensive heat instead of freezing, and so on, but generally speaking you'd be be bringing the old concept to entirely new mindsets. Timeframe could also be changed to Ancient World or something.
  11. If the Cannery Fluffy is Fluffy 2.0, and Desolation Fluffy is Scruffy, who's the HRV ice cave Fluffy?
  12. I wish for a region that can only be accessed via HRV, as that would not only give more people reason to visit HRV (I don't think many do), but also it would make it a true survivalist's journey. In the map, there's plenty of room in the North anyway. Landscape wise, I would welcome a big birch tree forest, with deeper snow (new mechanic anyone?). Perhaps one or two cabins in the middle of it, but no other man made buildings. As for what I think will actually happen, I think the prison thing is most likely...
  13. I would have preferred Cabin Fever on this one as it's already a bit too easy with the Voyager loot.
  14. I appreciate having special events, for free and years and years after the launch. The new items and new filter (particularly Noir) are neat too. Things like these are what makes this the best survival game ever. Having said that, I find WE way too easy. The colder temperatures are immediately compensated by the excess amount of Voyager loot. Choosing Random, I spawned in the Grey Mother Milton house and immediately got both ludicrous amount of food as well as luxury clothing items. Within 24 Hours I already had enough superior clothes to compensate for any indoor, and most of outdoor temperature, save blizzards. Granted, there is much more blizzard to be had now, but if you know the game well enough you can always dodge em, at least on the easier regions. Now I fear going after the Syrup/Ketchup badge will be bit of a chore for me, particularly as it seem the maple ones seem to be somewhat rare to find. I think Voyager loot would have been okay if the temperatures had been lowered by 20 degrees, not just 10. I welcome the colder indoor temperatures wholeheartedly and would love to see it in the main game as well, as that would be realistic in actual winter conditions too (as someone mentioned before), but they require harder loot difficult level to really make a difference.