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  1. What do you mean all the crafting materials that can only be used at the ammunition workbench? The only things you need for the Noisemaker are cloth (found everywhere), cans (found everywhere) and gunpowder (even on Loper loot tables you can get it reasonably easily). You do not need dusting sulfur or stump remover or car batteries. Besides, gunpowder already works as fire accelerant, so even now there's use for it that's not related to Bleak Inlet But speaking of BI, I still think the only way these things should be craftable, should be on the ammunition workbench. Not only would it give
  2. If the Hotfix truly fixes many of the pre-EP4 issues, then it's even more crucial that the Changelog which was somehow missing from 1.95 makes it way back to 1.96. We need to know the changes. And I still want my warming up buffs working properly again ūüėÉ But still a very nice and detailed Diary update. I don't mind the halloween event being no-go, the Survival update is obviously the biggest priority. That's the reason I played through EP4, to get sneak peek into the new map, even if/when it'll get changed up a bit in between. Hopefully the new item is not that old spear... no use fo
  3. I wasn't necessarily saying One Region only, but two regions like ML and FM would be plenty of enough. Have survived that way for a long time until it starts getting boring Anyhow, there are people on youtube who have attempted the "One region" challenge on Loper/Deadman/Custom and have lasted for extended period. The only thing you REALLY need is the mag lens
  4. If you roam your different regions, gunpowder isn't that rare on Interloper really... about as rare as, I don't know, firestriker. Besides you only need 2 or 3 noisemakers to completely escape from Timber attack without taking any damage... or to blast your way through the narrow wolf spots at AC. The only way I would find them more welcome is if you had to use the BI ammunition workbench to make them, instead of the ability to craft them on any normal workbench. Then there would at least be an incentive to go to Bleak on Loper/Deadman
  5. I just really hope that if the Noisemakers are implemented for the Survival mode in future update, they are treated just like guns ie forbidden from higher difficulty loot tables... In theory they seem nice but are far too easy to make and dealing with timberwolves becomes too convenient. They also work like a revolver ie you can just walk into wolf areas blasting your way through without even running...
  6. You really don't though... as long as you have working access to a forge nearby and have the mag lens you can keep living almost forever without visiting 75% of the game even on Interloper...
  7. Once you know the map it's an easy starting area for Interloper I admit, but for Deadman not so much... I mean okay just as with TWM you get the easy free matches right from the start by just immediately going to the Hushed river cave, and also the question of bedroll is pretty solvable, but the chances of getting to Milton without some HP loss can are lower than with most other starting areas... (I still think PV start is always the easiest)
  8. Launched fine for me. Pleasantly surprised that (by the look of things) settings and keybindings have not been reset, as has often been with major updates. The disclaimer language did change, but that's fine I would still like to see the 1.95 Changelog but so far, nothing...
  9. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  10. 3,39 gigs on Steam! Do we have a version changelog I wonder "Next-gen enhancements" sounds interesting, though I hope for us with older legacy PCs, not compromising
  11. There's now a launch trailer premiering in 30 minutes time, so 15min before presumed downloads start
  12. I expect a quick hotfix with pumpkingheads and lanterns/candels on the main menu with attached Dev Diary and that's about it. Perhaps if we are very lucky some 4DON esque cameo features for limited time... or some mild modification for the existing Darkwalker challenge
  13. It should be 2 hours and 10 minutes or so if everything works out so the countdown is on... should be a pretty big update file me thinks with so much new animation? Part of me still wishes I would be able to wait till December (or whenever it is) when the map comes to Survival, so I could experience it fully blind, and without the scripted path, unmissable dialog and the easy Voyager-esque "Hardened survivor" difficulty level with automatic saving... but I know I won't be able to hold on until then or ignore watching youtube of it. So tonight it is! Or at the weekend at the latest if ther
  14. The launch is 10AM PDT, so 5PM GMT, 6PM BST, 7PM Central European etc, the next day for Asia/Australia