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  1. It is called scumming because it is cheating the intended way of playing. I wouldn't mind them adding save option for Pilgrim/Voyager/Stalker, just leave Interloper out of it (and Deadman if they ever make official mode of it). And for Custom run a choice of yes or no for saving, that should be the first line in the options I believe that in Green Hell, this is basically already what happens with perma-death, in terms of comparative difficulty levels
  2. The strange thing about 1.90/91/92 was that they did not list known bugs (such as resetting keybindings which have been there for ages now) as "known issues" in the hotfix release notes. That can create confusion and more extra tickets thrown their way. Anyways yes it is understandable. Hope stuff gets worked out by the end of the week or start of the next. The buggy journal especially annoys me even though no one else has reported about it. It's thankfully also not game breaking like the infamous load screen crashes were.
  3. Today is the day they come back from the holidays right? Hopefully that means 1.93 soon because I have not touched the game for 3 weeks now because of the broken journal, frozen keybindings and some other issues reported weeks ago
  4. First you say bleak inlet is worthless and second that there needs to be more places for ammo crafting, yeah that's totally not contradictory...
  5. The reading system should be like "how many minutes would you like to read?" And then you slide to whatever you want from 1 to 60, and it saves the progress But yes the fire system is for convenience. Now, even with those marathon fires I can pretend to myself that the survivalist is still background-refueling the fire all the time when she's next to it, but what's really immersion breaking is when she can take that 12 hour beauty sleep without having to wake up and the fire is still fine.
  6. It doesn't make sense irl, but nor does it make sense that one can make a magical 10 hour fire without having to refill it in between, so it kinda balances itself out.
  7. I literally have no idea what you're even saying anymore. And as Interloper player you should know anyway that even with those exaggerated "six sticks "of yours you could make them last always forever by pulling torches out of fires and turning them into new sticks. Not that this matters since there are literally million of resources within 2-5 minute walk as I said. And even if you somehow happen to take damage during that walk, it doesn't really even matter, since unlike with Deadman, you will get your health back on Loper without having to use a stim, so what is the big deal? But hey k
  8. There are sticks in the immediate surrounding of Miner's Folly?! There is your renewable wood already. In addition, there are more sticks across the bridge. There's also a free rabbit spawn next to the broken snow shelter. The indoor cave in the other direction next to folly (you know, the cave with free wolf and deer carcasses) has renewable coal in it. It's also a very quick route to the bottom of the canyon, which as we know, has huge amounts of resources. Finally, the other bridge that starts leading to the Gold mine, on the other side of that you will find even more sticks
  9. No, they are separate. But I consider Crumbling part of Desolation, and Ravine & Winding River part of ML
  10. There are in fact (at least) two possible moose spawn locations in AC. But more importantly, there is a fishing spot in AC while HRV has none. You can live off from that & the lower attitude rabbit and deer spawns just as "easily", even on Interloper. Also, I'm not sure why you think there's only one warm cave in the map, as there are definitely at least two plus couple of "outdoor caves" that are moderately warm
  11. Umm... the revolver is already a scare replacement for the rifle? That"s exactly what it was made for when it was introduced not too long ago. And both of those guns have extremely generous amount of bullets in the game world on Stalker, even before you start to think about bullet crafting. It's not like with arrows. I also think it would inflate the tension further if you could craft them anywhere and keep recycling the old ones after just using em
  12. I find HRV much harder, even after all this time. Not only because of the lack of humanity but also the terrain is confusing (in a good way) and hilly, with the waterfalls obstructing sounds. At Ash Valley, the openess makes navigation fairly easy and you get to learn places very quickly. The ground level is mostly flat and waterfalls are far and in between. Camping in houses during blizzards is also more convenient than in ice caves. And AC deer carcass masses, what's up with that now
  13. That's the only fix? I filed two bug reports on Dec 11, and have still yet to receive responds that they've even been acknowledged, usually they've answered within a day. Perhaps they're on break already hmm
  14. Yes... hopefully 1.91 is released before their holiday break. Maybe even 1.92 if some of the issues insist