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  1. I gotta be completely honest, I'm surprised that this is still somewhat going. Completely forgot about it tbh.
  2. I'm having a lot of fun with this, really neat idea to make a group fan-fic like this.
  3. "I was gonna head off to one of those hotels. Quite a number of them, no doubt some people left some useful stuff." Erik said. His boots crunched in the snow, leaving a trail of footprints. As they walked, Mocha seemed to get more and more uneasy. Erik suddenly stopped. "Is that... a wolf?" Amy asked somewhat uneasy. "Looks like it. It hasn't noticed us yet, so walk away, s l o w l y." The group slowly walked backwards, and then turned around and moved more quickly towards the van. "Well, that was an unexpected setback." Erik said, breathing heavily. "Glad I thought of a backup
  4. A small little town, mainly used as a rest stop for travelers on their way back to the mainland. Maybe it has a couple of small hotels? Wouldn't be a bad place to find some supplies tbh.
  5. Erik stroked Mocha's neck fur. "All I could tell is that that aurora caused some very... unusual effects. The wildlife seemed a bit more aggressive while it was going on, along with the power screwing itself." Erik said. "I'm fairly certain that this one wasn't a normal aurora borealis. Maybe divine intervention? I wouldn't know, I'm not a religious type." "What do you mean, more aggressive?" Amy asked. "Well, I saw a couple wolves get much closer to town than they normally do, but not really attacking anything, but they did look somewhat different. Eyes glowing white, sort of a... re
  6. I preferred to stay at the camp office too, but I like to hang out at the Orca Gas Station in Milton.
  7. You're dying of exposure? That wasn't an issue for me. Granted, I haven't gotten more than 4 pages, but still. I think you're spending too much time doing other things. My method was to make a path, and follow that path, to the T stopping only when absolutely necessary.
  8. Sounds cool. Just to clarify, Erik is kinda like Methasulah appearance wise, except younger, and shorter beard.
  9. @Catlover Oh, did I make it seem like the mother and Amy were the same person? Sorry.
  10. Erik sat in the back of his van, looking around at the desolate town. It was once bustling, with many residents, but then the aurora cause all the power to go out, and everyone to leave. He ate some tomato soup he cooked over a trashcan fire. This wasn't his first rodeo. As a kid, he would commonly go camping. He knew how to survive. Erik saw someone walking along the street with her dog. Wait, is that a child? "Hey! Over here!" Erik shouted towards the group. They started walking over to Erik, noticing the trashcan fire. "Used a trashcan as a firepit?" Amy asked. "Yep. Couldn
  11. I tried out Escape The Darkwalker, and it was fun, for a bit until I figured out that it was basically just Slender. I gave up and set down a lure, to kill myself. I waited for like 15 irl minutes while passing several in-game hours, multiple times, and he took forever to get to me. And then when I died all I get is a black screen and some audio. The idea is really neat, this invisible predator, hunting you down. All you have to defend yourself is a can of spraypaint. This could have been really fun, but the execution was just lackluster. Anyone else agree? I am open to changing my opinion if
  12. I mean, I guess but it's in a really hard to get spot, Gold Mine in The Ash Canyon, so It's a reward for traveling that far and getting to that point.