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  1. Finally I recieved twilight badge today. I think, that day 1 was not completed. Daaamn. 🎃🌑
  2. Guys, please help me. Is it normal that I played on the first day for a two hours and on second day too, but so far I have not recieve the eclipse badge?🎃🌑
  3. A few hours ago I completed episode 3. And, you know what, this part of story is a very good! I really like it, despite some minor, in my opinion, points. I want to tell about my view of "Crossroads Elegy" more, but in this post I'll just say thanks to Hinterland Studio for that 2 years (actually 1,5 for me) of waiting have not been wasted. Long live TLD!
  4. Hi. My name is Andrey Grebenkov as you can see. I'm 22 year old student from Russia. My interests: phylosophy, hike, traveling, playing music (guitar mostly), listening music (cassette tape, vinyl, yeah), reading books, birdwatching (or nature generally) and playing board games with friends."The Long Dark" is one of my favorite computer games. I like this beautiful soundtrack, perfect winter athmosphere, interesting story and good survival mechanics. instagram: email: or
  5. Unfortunately I am from Russia. Also my girlfriend too. Good luck for everyone from West 🌲
  6. Long live The Long Dark! 😸