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  1. Prepper cache - Clothing (ML and PV)
  2. I found a corpse with syrup. TWM-Mountaintop HRV-Mysterious Signal Fire. HRV-Valley Cave. Is it possible to randomly obtain syrup from any corpse? Or are only the corpses in a particular location possessing the syrup?
  3. The appearance of maple syrup on the floor, on a table, etc. seems to be random. Loot tables? That seems to be the same as when looking for a revolver or rifle. It's also the same for the safes, refrigerators, bodies, lockers, and backpacks you mentioned.
  4. I was scared to imagine when my thrown hatchet fell under a cliff or underwater and lost it ūüėĪ
  5. WHY ISN'T IT THERE? Currently , people who share the code may misread/mistype it. Most importantly, doing it is tedious !!
  6. If you keep walking with the torch in hand, you will not be attacked by wolves. Flares are more effective than torches.
  7. Answer from @Raphael van Lierop:The idea was that sometimes you would find Notes or Keys under them. We may still do that. However, it was possible that the person in charge of placing the item did so without reporting to Raph. (In the old version. not now) If so, how would it work if he put a match or candy bar on the visor? Does the match fall to the floor like a thrown pebble or torch? No. An object whose XYZ coordinates are determined is not affected by gravity, except when it is shot. Like a floating object. The only possible physics of this game are: Example: When an item is on a crate, breaking the crate will cause the item to fall to the floor. To be precise, the item does not fall. Its coordinates change instantly. Well, if you open the visor and look at the floor, there is a match. Is it a match that was there before opening the visor? Or did he appear there after opening the visor? Did you forget to check the floor before opening the visor? It is a pity that there is no video on the candy bar dropped from the visor on Youtube. (This post was translated from a language other than English)
  8. In the above page, BRANCH NAME is "z_tbd" However, The actual branch name in steam beta tab is "z_earlyaccesslaunch"
  9. You can understand that if you can live 50 days, you can live 500 days. No cheats needed.
  10. Hinterland seems to have changed the passcode to 3 digits instead of changing the 3D model and texture of the keypad. It's a bit of fragile code, but their job is less.
  11. thank you everyone.I reported to support. I will write about my experience in detail. There are two types of thin ice in only Forlorn Muskeg. A: When you get on the ice and the warning icon appears, run away immediately and your shoes will not get wet at all. B: When you get on the ice and the warning icon appears, your shoes will be completely wet, even if you run away immediately. Which type of ice exists depends on the coordinates of the map. In some places, two types of ice are next to each other. Note "Thick ice" (no warning icon) is safe to walk. Your shoes won't get wet at all if you walk a long distance. Clothing gets wet only when snow is on your body. The result depends on the player position.
  12. v.1.73 Only in FM? Is this by design or not? TheLongDark Thin ice.mp4