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  1. Does the player need to keep moving in the opposite direction of the wolf after dropping the decoy? After the player steps away from the decoy and the wolf starts walking towards the decoy, as soon as the player stops moving, the wolf ignores the decoy and starts walking towards the player. Bear eat bait normally.
  2. Look at the cabin roof. The cold room has broken ceilings.
  3. I actually took screenshots the same direction at the same place on multiple days. I enjoy the color change of the sky. Thanks Hinterland.
  4. I made several attempts, Aurora wolves in the workshop may or may not fear the light there. In theory, green wolves should fear light in the workshop. I think the game wants us to be afraid of wolves.....
  5. >v1.64, > CHALLENGE MODES > [Hopeless Rescue] The Distress Pistol can no longer spawn outside of the Timberwolf Mountain Crash Site. However, a distress pistol does not spawn in the valley now even in survival mode. Only for games started after v1.69 patch. Except for save data continuing from the previous version. Previously it spawned occasionally.(Except Interloper) Is this a bug or a replacement for the pistol at the Bleak Inlet fallen lighthouse?
  6. I think you made a lot of campfires. To protect yourself from wolves. To thaw frozen carcasses. To warm your own body. They have helped you many times. However, they are now a little obstacle.